VANCOUVER – CANADA Legal marijuana sales start can be set to stage a worldwide cannabis revolution that spawned a wave of high-quality medical research that could bolster Pot's reputation as a healthier alternative to alcohol and tobacco, triggering an economic boom in the US. As of Wednesday, Canada will become The country should not only expropriate and consume cannabis, but also control, regulate and monitor its growth, distribution and sale.

"They know that they are the global leaders if they get it right, and they make it a priority from the top down," said April Pride of Van der Pop, a Seattle-based, women-focused newspaper Cannabis lifestyle brand in the US and Canada.

Canada's national approach means that pot companies can use banks, trading stocks and sponsor peer reviews to conduct medical studies just like any other pharmaceutical operation. It is a long way from the patchwork in the US where cannabis entrepreneurs fear the Justice Department might intervene if the political winds shift. Although a majority of states have adopted a form of legal grass, marijuana at federal level remains illegal in the US.

"Canada, which fully legalises adult marijuana, is a historic moment that the whole world should celebrate," said Daniel Yi, spokesman for California-based marijuana company MedMen, in the US and Canada surgery. 19659006] American cannabis companies welcome Canadian legalization, in part because it's a new market for them, and partly because it could support legalization efforts in the US and around the world.

The supply may be scarce First, because the provinces of the country have not completed the approval process for private businesses. This week, there will only be a relatively small number of stores across Canada, many of which are run by the government.

Users are allowed to buy online and have products delivered to their home, which is approximately 37 million inhabitants in Canada. For comparison, California has about 39 million inhabitants in a state 25 times smaller than Canada. Proponents said that Canada's legalized approach is aimed at legalizing fears about "reefer madness" and proving that a modern nation can allow widespread pot use. Canada's marijuana market will have annual sales of $ 6.5 billion, according to Yi. California could be worth $ 11 billion by comparison, he said.

Although the Canadian market is likely to be smaller than the Californian market, it is an important symbol of the success of marijuana enthusiasts who say that governments are finally recognizing the devastating effects of the war. Uruguay is the only other country that has legalized marijuana, and Canada's status as a member of the powerful group of 7 economic alliances that includes the US, France and Japan gives its legalization an additional focus.

"The big difference – and it's a crucial difference – is the blessing that provincial governments have received from their federal government," said Steve Hawkins, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, one of the largest pro-legalization groups in the US. "Hopefully Congress will take notice of it quickly, and that American competitiveness will begin sooner rather than later."

As a sign of interest, international alcohol and tobacco companies are exploring or cooperating with Canadian cannabis companies, including Molson Coors and Marlboro manufacturer Altria. These movements reflect a more traditional way of thinking that marijuana use is primary for after-work or social relaxation, said Marc Lustig, chairman and CEO of cross-border CannaRoyalty, a publicly traded marijuana company. There is a potentially much larger market for cannabis as a medical device ,

In the US, legalization critics said marijuana enthusiasts should wait for evidence-based research before loosening the cannabis ban. This has created a catch-22 situation in which American researchers are narrowly limited on how to investigate marijuana because it is illegal.

"If it turns out that real research is done by qualified clinics, Ians proves that cannabis can treat anxiety better than Xanax or alleviates pain better than Advil, and think about the effects of it," Lustig said. "Most people have focused on being a leisure product (but) this market could go haywire and be viewed as a liquor or tobacco substitute."

Critics said that exactly The problem with the kind of marijuana legalization Canada revealed: It's a market that rushing with large corporations to commercialize, capitalize and encourage user habits.

The US-based anti-legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana will launch an effort on Wednesday The group pointed out that legalizing the pot brings the country into conflict with international drug control treaties and the creation of another big-tobacco Industry has resulted

The CEO of SAM, Kevin Sabet, said he was confident Rethink it once you understand that legalizing the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs, the consumption of adolescents and the overall increased consumption Rather, the group supports reduced law enforcement and improved options for treating drug users for heavy users.

"As more Canadians feel the negative effects – passive smoking, work-related accidents, car accidents, declining school performance, loss of productivity and other issues – I'm confident the policy will be reversed over time," said Sabet.

These concerns are nothing new to Canada's marijuana enthusiasts who said it was time for governments to face the reality of widespread marijuana use and the demand for alternatives to alcohol and opiates. To alleviate the concerns, marijuana-infused foods known to be foods that accidentally poison children in the US are being banned, while Canadian researchers are investigating their effects.

Although excitement against the start of legal sales on Wednesday is increasing Canadian fashion, people's expectations are being muted at the same time.

"As much excitement as my mother is to smoke her first joint, the market will not be an experience that matches the excitement," Lustig said. "It will take months to roll out."

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