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Canadian police accuse teenagers of terrorism investigation

  RCMP Ch Supt Michael LeSage, Supt Lambertucci Peter Lambertucci with the Kingston Police Chief Antje McNeely

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RCMP informs about terrorist arrests in Canada

In Canada, a teenager was arrested after the FBI was charged with terrorist activities.

The resident of Kingston, Ontario, faces an additional number of counselors who advise a person to plant an explosive with the intent to cause death or injury.

The police said a small plane recently sighted at odd hours across the city was part of their investigation.

A second person was also arrested but later released without charge.

The teenager and the second person, a grown man, were detained on Thursday in Kingston, a city about 200 km from Ottawa, the country's capital.

The authorities described the couple as friends.

Under Canadian law, the identity of an adolescent who is being charged with a crime is treated confidentially.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Ch Supt Michael LeSage said the troop received the notice from the FBI in December.

The US authorities gave their Canadian counterparts a "sound and credible attack strategy," even though there was no planned goal or timetable, the police said.

A house was evacuated on Friday morning after the police found an "explosive" that, according to the police, detonated bombing raids.

Ch Supt Lesage described the prosecution on Friday as "significant," but said there was no immediate threat to the community. The investigation is still ongoing.

The second person was identified by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a 20-year-old man from a Syrian family.

Kingston Archdeacon Bill Clarke confirmed to the BBC that the family had come to Kingston as privately sponsored refugees in the summer of 201


Three years ago, a coalition of local churches came together to bring a refugee family to Canada.

Bronek Korczynski, one of the sponsors, told Reuters he was worried that the arrests could affect the perception of Muslims and refugees in Canada.

"This is a fear, because that's a kind of ill-informed reaction that puts every group in potential danger," he said.

The Federal Minister of Public Security said the country's threat level is at its mid-level, since 2014. [26] The Canadian Public Security Minister, Ralph Goodale, called on people on Friday to not draw any conclusions about the conclusion of police Case to pull work.

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