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Canadian police arrested while kidnapping Chinese students

  An image by Wanzhen Lu

York Regional Police


Officers say that the student was taken "against his will"

Canadian police arrested a 22-year-old Chinese student in an armed kidnapping investigation.

Three men grabbed Wanzhen Lu and forced him into an underground parking lot in Markham, a suburb north of Toronto, on March 23.

The York Regional Police said on Tuesday it arrested a 35-year-old Toronto man who was believed to be involved in the kidnapping.

The victim, also called Peter, was not found.

Police say she will not release the suspect's name because he has not yet been charged.

The black Dodge Caravan On Monday, the abduction was also carried out in Toronto.

Officers say they continue to fear for the well-being of Mr. Lu.

"With this new development, the suspects are again being asked to release Mr. Lu uninjured," the police said in a statement.

"We strongly recommend that you seek legal assistance and surrender yourself."

The motive for the abduction is not yet known, but a police spokesman said this weekend that the extent of violence was "significant."

Mr. Lu was approached by three masked men when he went to the parking lot with a man girlfriend just before 6pm.

He was grabbed by the suspects and forced into a black, wheelchair-accessible Dodge Caravan driven out by a fourth man.

Mr. Lu was shocked by the stun gun.

The police said Mr. Lu was "1

00 percent against his will" and his girlfriend was not injured in the incident.

Mr. Lu wore a black sweatshirt, black jeans, and glasses at the time of the abduction. 19659007] The officers have also posted CCTV images of the attackers and the vehicle.

The police work with the Chinese Consulate.

The officers have asked anyone who has seen the suspects, the vehicle or the victim to call 911. The York County Police Department's Murder and Missing Persons Division is in charge of investigating Mr. Lu's kidnapping with the support of other services, including organized crime and education, and a dog and air support team.

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