Canada becomes the youngest country where marijuana is legalized. Proponents hope that the legislative startup will spread globally.

Investors are buzzing about pot stocks.

The recreational use of marijuana is now legal in Canada, a The Wall Street professionals say they equaled the end of the ban in the US in the 1930s, the sale of beer and alcohol after a nearly 15-year ban legalized.

Weed stocks were the rage this year, as investors at home and north of the border tried to tackle the budding but speculative business. A confluence of factors, ranging from Canada's legalization, the medical's growing use of the pot, and big investments by large corporations like the Corona brewery Constellation Brands, has shifted investment in the pot from the margins to the mainstream.

Investors are hoping to capitalize on a new market that generated $ 8.5 billion in legal marijuana in the US last year and $ 23.4 billion in 2022, according to Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics growing

However, investors must be careful not to burn off these up-and-coming investments, whose parabolic increase this year has been compared to the cryptocurrency boom. Bitcoin, the best-known digital currency, which climbed to $ 19,501 at the end of last year, went bankrupt and lost two-thirds of its value to $ 6,508 this year.

Here are some pot stocks and funds that will stay on your radar:


The shares of Tilray (TLRY), the Canadian company that grows and sells medicinal cannabis and cannabinoids, have gone on a wild tour this year. Since trading on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in the US in July, it has risen more than 800 percent. But it fell 4.4 percent on Tuesday and dropped Wednesday by almost 7 percent.

Cronos Group

Toronto-based Cronos (CRON) sells both medical and recreational grass. It dabbed its pot for the recreational use "spinach". Cronos shares rose nearly 50 percent this year. In pre-market trading, they had fallen by more than 5 percent on Wednesday.

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Canopy Growth (CGC) is another Canadian company focused on the sale of medicinal cannabis. Its products, including oils, soft gelatin capsules and hemp, treat things like chronic pain, seizures and nausea. Its shares have risen more than 130 percent this year, though they lost nearly 7 percent on Tuesday. The shares had fallen ahead of Wednesday by more than 2 percent.

Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis (ACB / Canda), a licensed manufacturer of medical marijuana in Canada, posted a stock rally of more than 510 percent week low in October 2017 at yesterday's recent high. However, the stock has returned a large portion of these gains, rising 46 percent in 2018.

ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF

Investors who want to invest in a broad basket of weed-like stocks can do so through the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ). This exchange-traded fund will rise by 3.1 percent in 2018.

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