LANSING – A 2-2 vote by the State Board of Canbersers over an election proposal to end union wages for public works projects that the efforts are stalled and directed to the Tribunal

The two Republicans on the Board – Norm Shinkle and Colleen Pero – voted to sign the petitions. These petitions were in favor of the Foreign Office's election office, which said it was 100 % confident that there would be enough petition signatures to submit the subject to either the Legislature or the vote in November

But the two Democrats on the board – Julie Matuzak and Jeannette Bradshaw – agreed with the opponents of the nomination, who argued that the petition 's circulators treacherously address their residences, including homeless shelters, US post offices, H [19659009] "We do not seem to have a very good system with these companies," Matuzak said. "I do not know how we deal with these companies, but it's out of control."

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Gary Gordon, the attorney for the Protecting Michigan Taxpayers Group who led the petition, said the board should not dismiss signatories from more than 380,000 Michigan voters simply because of the problems with the circulation pumps.

"There are various sanctions if you do not properly fill in the circulator certificates," he said. "But no one includes the exclusion of signatures in the petition."

Jeff Wiggins, managing director of Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan, who funded the petition, said the group would appeal against the "outrageous" decision in the state appellate court

"This is a clear violation of the constitutional rights of the people who signed these petitions, "he said. "Unfortunately, two of the commissioners went out what the law dictated, and they came to the wrong decision, so we go to court."

Tony Daunt, spokesman for the Michigan Freedom Fund, a conservative advocacy organization (19659012) "These board members voted today to deprive hundreds of thousands of voters of their freedom of choice because they were called upon by desperate trade union bosses and Democratic leaders," he said in a statement , "They must resign immediately."

The repeal of the current wage bill has been a top priority for the Republican majority in the legislature, but it was defeated by Governor Rick Snyder, who threatened to veto it Government efforts to attract much-needed skilled workers to the state.

So, the Protecting Michigan Taxpayers group began with two requests to repeal the applicable pay. The first ended with the group in petitions peppered with double and fraudulent signatures. The second petition-the first to enter this election cycle-had the signatures and support of the State Electoral Bureau, but was always opposed by the organized labor movement.

"The problem is simple: Do you have the authority to exclude fraudulent disqualifications? Circulation signatures? I can not believe we're talking about it," said Andrea Hansen, a lawyer from the Protecting Michigan Jobs Group, who opposed defends the election proposal. "The key point with circulator certificates is that you are accountable in this process."

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The current law requires that union-based wages be paid for public works projects. It has been an ongoing struggle between the organized labor force that has been struggling to keep wages for its workers and the business community that says it is an outflow of taxpayers' money and wants to abolish it.

Democrats were content with the decision to lift the prevailing wages is something they could never support.

"It is very clear that Democrats are working families," said Senator Minority Leader Jim Ananich of D-Flint. "I did not come here to lower the salaries of the people."

Steve Claywell, president of the Michigan Building Trades Council, said petitioners' organizers had used sloppy, immoral tactics to get their signatures, and by rejecting the petition from Canvassers, the Michigan economy is helping.

"Raising the prevailing wage would hurt Michigan workers and hamper Michigan's economic comeback," he said.

But house speaker Tom Leonard, R-Dewitt, said he hopes the courts are quickly dealing with the problem, "so that we can delegate that to the legislature and we can do it."

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