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Canzano: The sobering NBA design by Oregon Ducks could have a positive impact on the business

The University of Oregon men's basketball program had a miserable night on Thursday.

The five-star recruit Bol Bol wasted in the NBA design green space and dropped to 44th overall. Louis King, the freshman in Oregon, was completely unoccupied. And Kenny Wooten had not really come to mind.

It was a nightmare for UO when he was not released. Three strikes, two of them in search. And in the end, a sobering night is just what this overhyped era of duck basketball needed.

Can this one-time thing … be done now?

None of what happened was good for The Oregon Men's Basketball Brand. It was not like seeing three Duke players in the top ten. Dana Altman's program will not be able to use a framework of draft-night footage to recruit more one-and-one players. But man, I had a conflict when I saw Bol sitting so patiently like a primary school student who was last selected for the kickball team.

Maybe I felt sorry for him too.

Maybe] But I also wondered if this would be a deterrent to those selfish players who are only interested in coming to Oregon to absorb resources and advance their careers.

The NBA managers tried to tell us something on Thursday. They did not buy the five-star hype. Not nearly enough to make a valuable selection.




These are not words the UO sports department marketing machine will be on a billboard or start a social media campaign with. But those were just the words that the NBA's front office managers had written when I asked why the sportiest Ducks players were not wanted on Thursday.

It stinks. Oregon lost three players in whom it had invested heavily. The three young players lost their college credentials. And in Eugene, the Ducks have only eight currently available scholarship holders.

There will certainly be a discussion today about changing the NBA / NCAA system. There will be screams to change rules and allow uncovered players to return to college. Save your brain bandwidth. The problem is not a bad rule. The problem is a broken mentality, which is maintained in the minds of legitimate players.

Do not weep for Bol and Co. None of them has ever treated one of their stops ̵

1; from high school to club basketball to college – as anything other than a rag that had to be wiped dry and thrown away.

The sad part was not the wake up call. It should have been a long time ago.

Bol attended four high schools in three states. Prior to the draft, NBA scouts in Bol's case were sent not only to Oregon, where he played nine college games for information, but also to Kansas, Nevada and California to talk to his former preparatory teachers and coaches.

Unpack your bags, who really knows you? With so many questions, who are you?

I kept asking NBA sources on Thursday night, "Why is Bol in this free fall?"

Was he about to be charged or anything? Bad medications? What?

The answer came from an NBA scout: "John, there was no smoking weapon."

Titled. Over Hyped. Frail.

These words were enough to keep NBA teams away. They should have kept the ducks away too. It turns out that NBA picks are valuable assets in the first round, even in a thin draft.

I will rate this as positive for Oregon. UO could leave behind a real downer of a Thursday night and somehow achieve a sneaky victory. In the next season they have to do without Bol, King and Wooten. That hurts. The programs that recruit against UO had to love it. That hurts, too. But all of this could be an encouraging development for Oregon basketball in the long run.

The ducks have to switch off the monotonous hype machine.

I suppose the best, over hyped and most legitimate player at the moment does not want to have anything to do with UO.

That's not a bad thing.

The first official summer day offers a new opportunity.

Oregon Must Return to Recruitment and Development Good players who want to develop into good ones. Thursday night may trigger an awakening for Altman's program. It's time to get sober. No "one-and-done" headcases. They are just not worth the trouble. Instead, recruit the best players who know they need to stay in college for a few years and grow.

Thursday night stank of Bol and friends. But in my opinion, the NBA Oregon did a favor by proving that their three most talented players with draft qualifiers were not welcome.

When Bol was selected in the second round of Miami and then traded to Denver, he gave a grumpy and sad interview on national television. He was understandably crazy. Only a few months ago, he was touted as a potential top five player.

When Bol was asked what kind of player he might be in the NBA, he quit the quote from Draft Night.

You saw it on YouTube. "

Not really, boy.

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