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CAPTAIN AMERICA CHRIS SAMNEE about his career and his life after MARVEL COMICS

  Captain America
Credit: Chris Samnee

Chris Samnee

Chris Samnee's Run on Captain America ends on April 11 with # 700 and so on his ten-year run at Marvel Comics in total.

One of the top artists of the past decade, Samnee has become one of Marvel's most sought after (and most versatile) artists. His Daredevi l with Mark Waid and colorist Matt Wilson received an Eisner Award and a National Cartoonist Society nomination. (Of course, in 2006, he launched comics with a nomination for the Russell Manning's Most Promising Newcomer Award.)

After Samnee himself had announced his departure from Captain America and Marvel, speculation quickly came to where he would go next come: DC, a book of the Creator, or maybe a third option? Samnee herself was a mother, where he lands next, and lets people guess and awaits his next move.

Newsarama had the chance to catch up with Samnee and the details his early career, the well-remembered Artblog comic Tart, the feeling of being burned out, and whether he's ever going to move away from comics. Newsarama : Okay Chris, so you announced last month, that you will leave Marvel after ten years, you have worked on other projects here and there, such as Angel and Faith with Christos Gage, but Marvel was your home for the past ten years, so to speak. Does it feel surreal to leave her? Is it like ten years [19455914] Chris Samnee : It feels like ten years. [Laughs]

Credit: Chris Samnee

It feels a bit strange to go. I've had the chance to work on many great projects with many great people over the years – both staff and editors, but this was the right time to move on to new things and new opportunities.

Chris Samnee

Drama : Some fans may remember the cartoon sketch blog of yesteryear, featuring people like Mitch Gerads, Evan Shaner, Mike Hawthorne, Declan Shalvey and Francesco Francavilla Who runs the art scene in comics now? Did you ever think seven years ago that you are where you are now?

Samnee : The reason why we've teamed up to make comic twart was because we're all fans of So it does not surprise me, people like Mitch, Evan, Francesco, Declan, Mike and see everyone else doing a great job. I think it's impossible to predict where a career in a field like comics will go. There are so many variables in terms of the type of projects you offer and succeed on. Of course, I was hoping for that kind of career, but I really, really worked hard to make that possible.

Credit: Chris Samnee

I've written a book almost every ten years and worked behind the scenes in projects that also help my career. I think it's very successful in this industry to work hard and make a smart career, so it makes sense that all these hard-working, intelligent people of Comic Twart are so successful.

Drama : You know, in your young career you've worked with people like Greg Rucka for part of Queen and Country and even in 2006 for the Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award nominees stories of YouTubers still evoking the turmoil of how you did it, can you tell us about your career at this time?

Samnee : Oh sure. Well, things really all started when I Capote in Kansas with the writer Ande Parks for Oni Press in 2004-05, the book for which I was nominated for the Russ Manning Award. After that, I did three editions of Queen & Country with Greg.

These two projects were done while working in a Borders bookstore for my job, so I would work my shift home and draw comics until I went to bed. My wife and I had an agreement that I would keep my job until I got a permanent job in Marvel or DC, so during that time I still deposited books with Borders.

Credit: Chris Samnee

I am waiting for a script from Greg for my fourth edition of Queen & Country – which at the time made this insane 52 schedule – and became Area 10 offered at Vertigo was part of a new crime line they launch.

It was at this point that I stopped Borders so I could work on comics all day. I was young, had no children yet and had a great passion for making comics and getting into the industry, so I really worked full-time in comics while also working full-time at the bookstore. At that time, I still made as many conventions as we could so I could get portfolio reports and be in contact with editors. I read in many lines and heard from many editors that they liked my things, but I had no idea what kind of book I should write. When Area 10 came, it was a nice big piece of work that I felt like I could easily give up my job

Drama : You said that to me before Pins are awful and prefer to dye yourself, why are you feeling that way?

Samnee : I have dyed myself for so long that it would be a total waste of time to make detailed, tight things Pens like many artists handed over to Inker. My pens do not have to work for anyone except myself, so there's no point in spending that kind of time in it. That's what I mean terribly. When I worked with a squid, I was able to make it more detailed and narrower. I am not bad at drawing – I only make most of my drawings in the inks, so it would be superfluous to draw a page. In fact, I prefer the energy of coloring over very loose pencils, as I find that the more times I draw something, the less fresh it feels. I like to keep this energy in the inks, and since I do not give my pencils to anyone, I do not feel it necessary to spend a lot of time with them.

Drama : So let's go back to Thor: The Mighty Avenger with Roger Langridge and Matt Wilson, who became a permanent collaborator, was your first big project at Marvel. What do you think about your work during this time? Do you feel like you are doing something different?

Samnee : I have learned a lot in the years since Thor but I can honestly say, besides being forced to finish the series, without her having a decent end there is nothing I would change Thor . I'm still so proud of this book and my work on it. Honestly, it was a dream job – it felt like Roger, Matt, our editor Nate Cosby and I made comics by writers. There was so much creative freedom, and Roger wrote a story that I really communicated with.

It was sweet and serious and funny and romantic and funny and just such a pleasure to draw everything. I do not know that I can exaggerate how much I worked on The Mighty Avenger . It's still bittersweet to look back because we could not finish it the way we wanted, but I'm so thankful that I've been able to work on such a project with talented and wonderful people like Roger and Matt. Really, I loved it and I'm still so proud of it.

Drama : There was some speculation, okay … a lot of speculation about what you are

Since you've been in Marvel so long, now opens one Lots of stuff and I'm sure you've been approached by everyone and his brother to work for them, but what's in your head? List to check off?

Samnee : Oh, I do not want to betray too much! It was fun to read all the speculations and hear what books people would like to see. I do not think it's a big secret that I would like to play Batman. I would like to do some Superman, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane comics. There are things outside of comics that I would like to work on – animation, storyboarding, children's books. And tell my own stories that I write and draw – that is definitely on my list.

Drama : You're doing comics since you're 15, are you ever afraid to burn and become a barista again?

Samnee : There have certainly been times when I felt burned out. There are not many freelance days for comic artists – it can be exhausting to have an appointment all the time, as I have done for the last ten years.

Credit: Chris Samnee

Most of the time I lost weight when we had a new baby and that's not very relaxing or relaxing either. But I love doing comics, and part of being burnt out is taking projects that I'm really excited about. I was very happy in this regard and now I have more freedom than ever to be in books that motivate me to draw every day. So no, apart from making a latte in my kitchen for my wife, I do not see myself bringing those barista abilities back to work

Drama : Let's talk about it, which work you are most proud of is wonder. Is there something that is not critically acclaimed, but something that you tap yourself on the back?

Samnee : Well, I already talked about being proud Thor: The Mighty Avenger so I would say that the work I'm most proud of is my twelve Issues that are run on Black Widow . It was the first time that I made the bulk of the writing alongside art, and from the creative point of view it was really fulfilling and funny. I felt that I had the opportunity to take my storytelling to another level and really get behind the wheel.

Credit: Chris Samnee

And I know that this does not answer a question, but I would be remiss not to talk a bit about how incredibly happy I was with my staff at Marvel.

My first jobs with Marvel ( Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man and Atlas's agents ) were with two of my favorite writers (and friends) Paul Tobin and Jeff Parker.

The experience of working with Roger, Matt, Nate and Rus Wooton on Thor: The Mighty Avenger was as close to perfect as anything is possible.

Credit: Chris Samnee

I also worked with the great talents Ed Brubaker, Marc Andreyko and Bettie Breitweiser on Captain America and Bucky in 2011.

And of course there is no better team to be a part of Team Daredevil / Widow / Cap – Mark Waid, Matt Wilson, and Joe Caramagna

Working with a fantastically talented group of YouTubers who will become your friends too , is the best part of working in a collaborative medium like comics

Drama : So what's coming for the next ten years, where do you see yourself?

Samnee : I would like to have some projects that I can write and draw. I hope I will spend a lot of time creating creative comics. I would like to dip my toe in animation or film work or character design. I definitely have some great goals to work on, but I think I'll be drawing comics in ten years, or at least I hope I still draw comics. I do not have many other skills that I can use!

Credit: Chris Samnee

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