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Car plows in Amish Horse-Drawn buggy to kill 3 children

"We have an Amish community in this county and so they move from point to point," he said. "People need to know more about buggies out there."

Ryan Wilkinson, district emergency manager, said Thursday there are still many unknowns and investigations are under way.

"As a district We are always on the lookout for ways to prevent tragedies and disasters to ensure the safety of our citizens."

Accidents involving horse-drawn carriages and cars occur with some frequency.

In this Three kids and one unborn child died in Branch County in Michigan in June, when the buggy they drove in was hit by a driver in a pickup truck, according to WTVB, a local radio station, the following month, according to The Detroit Free Press Six children were injured in a similar crash in West Michigan, and in late August a family of four was hospitalized after a vehicle crashed in their buggy in Camden Township, The Free Press reported.

Over the years, buggy accidents have hit 23 people in Pennsylvania from 2007 to 2016 in clashes with horses and buggies, The reported York Daily Record. During this nine-year period, there were 633 accidents involving horses and buggies.

In Ohio, in the same period, according to a study by the Ohio Department of Transportation, there were 1,412 accidents involving a motor vehicle and a horse-drawn buggy. According to the report, there were 25 deaths and 208 serious injuries. Almost 65 percent of all accidents of this kind occurred during the day.

Overall, it can be difficult to track accidents with buggies. In most states, including New York, where the Amish population is growing, there is no separate data on stroller accidents.

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