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Car Safety Guide: Preventing Loss of Valuables in Your Vehicles


Prevention has always been the most suitable way to deal with mishaps and unfortunate events. With car safety, preventing any loss is way better than doing the exercise of recovering the lost item. Losing something in your car will always entail some damage to the car as well –  for when they break into it. The loss of a valuable item and the damage to the car is a headache most of us would like to avoid.



Here are some tips to prevent such losses from taking place:

  1. Lock doors and windows

You should be prudent about leaving your car when you park anywhere. Make sure to lock the doors and windows securely. This is one of the most basic things you can do to make sure your property is safe, but unfortunately, many times we become too complacent and skip over this measure. During summer it may be tempting to crack the window to let the heat out of the car, but if you’re unsure of the place, just keep the windows sealed.

  1. Choose parking space wisely

This is also a basic consideration of car safety. Keep your cars away from areas where criminals have the advantage to vandalize your vehicle. Parkos can give you a wide array of options for viable parking spaces where you can rest assured that your vehicle is placed under the care of reputable parking space owners. A good parking space must be well-lit and have basic security to keep the thieves at bay. You can park near the attendant so that your car is visible to authorized personnel in the area.

  1. Keep valuables out of sight

Losing your valuables like gadgets and purse in your car can be very disheartening. So if you can’t take your items with you, make sure you keep them out of sight from prying eyes to avoid temptation. A good window tint can be a good way to give cover over yourself and your belongings. But it is advisable to keep them tucked away in a safe place within the car or take them with you.


  1. Anti-theft devices

You can invest in a number of anti-theft devices or warning devices to deter away unfavorable elements that may take advantage of your car. A loud noise or flashing lights to call attention has proven to be able to discourage thieves from making any attempts to your car. Modern cars are now equipped with these devices as they have become an essential part of the machine. But if you don’t have one yet, then you, can provide one for you. There are also immobilizing devices that can prevent thieves from hot-wiring the vehicle.  

  1. Keep the keys away and safe

Normally, thieves don’t take the car with them, but if you leave the keys within the vehicle or near it, then you would have given them the chance to take it. Don’t put the spare key where it’s obvious to them like the sun visor or the glove compartment. Take the keys with you or keep it away from the car when you leave.

  1. Recovery tools

In an event where your car is stolen even after the safety measures you’ve taken, you can still find peace if you installed recovery devices like a GPS. Some of these devices offer services wherein you can remotely kill the car’s ignition and stop the criminals in their tracks. This will work in combination with a quick report to the authorities to help apprehend the ones responsible and recover your car.


Theft is often an opportunity given to the culprits. It means that these people are just waiting for something that’ll give them the chance to take something away from you. So with due diligence in taking measures for your own safety as with your property, they won’t have that opportunity.