Cardi B and Migos-Rapper Offset have taken on a high-profile stint on the stage of the Power 99 Powerhouse concert in Philly on Friday night.

Cardi B and Offset in September 2017. (Photo: Craig Barritt, Getty Images)

By Bartier Cardi to Motorsport Cardi B is known for lovingly naming her fiancé, the Migos Rapper Offset. In her text

appears on her new song Be Careful a new track her upcoming album Invasion of Privacy (dated April 6), also offset – except that Cardi praises him this time, she makes threats.

While Cardi Offset is not mentioned by name as her previous releases, be cautious he seems to refer to the fraudulent rumors that surfaced last September after his iCloud account was hacked and leaked to him with a video leak another woman showed.

Almost the entirety of Be careful is dedicated to the unnamed cheater. "Be careful with me, do you know what you are doing, whose feelings, that you will be hurt and hurt? You will win the whole world, but is it worth the girl you lose?" she sings on the chorus. "Yes, it's not a threat, it's a warning."

Cardi confirmed the fraud rumors in her April cover story for Cosmopolitan and took a defiant stance on her decision to stay at Offset.

"I know I can get every man I want – any basketball player, football player," she said. "But I want to develop my (force) expression with my husband, and I do not have to explain why … It's not right what he did (force expression) – but people do not know what I did because I'm not an angel. "

Cardi and Offset appeared as a couple in April 2017 when Cardi confirmed that they saw themselves in an interview and became engaged in October after Offset encountered Cardi during a performance on stage Philadelphia

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