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Cardinals bury Braves with a 10-run first; NLDS win in 13-1 romp | Cardinal Beat

ATLANTA – The Cardinals qualified for 13 National League Championship Series on Wednesday night. And then they scored 13 runs, a postseason record of 10 in the first inning, as they stamped their ticket for a 14th LCS by disassembling the Atlanta Braves with 13-1 to win the crucial fifth game of the season National League Division Series.

The Best-of-Seven NLCS will start Friday shortly after 19:00 Central Time, either in Los Angeles with the Cardinals against the Dodgers or against Washington at Busch Stadium, depending on the outcome Later on Wednesday: Division Series.

The Cardinals did something in the first inning that they did not do in seven innings against Atlanta starter Mike Foltynewicz last week. You have met. And scored. Foltynewicz and his relief when Tommy Edman, Dexter Fowler and Kolten Wong both scored two double wins.

Foltynewicz had defeated 20 out of 24 men in the past week. In Game 5, he only dropped out as one of eight players, as the Cardinals made five goals, four shifts, a wild pitch and a mistake when they took their historic lead in a highly competitive series.

The Cardinals captured their eleven The division series of the 1

4 they have played. They are 7-6 in previous championship series.

This was the fourth time that the Cardinals ended the season of Atlanta here after the season. They defeated the Braves in three games at the NLCS in 1982 and again in 2000. They won the first wild card game here in 2012.

The only retaliation for the Braves came in 1996 when they beat the Cardinals 15-0 In Game, 7 of the NLCS split, scoring six runs in the first inning. Somewhere, Donovan smiles Osborne. He started the game.

This was the third stadium in which the Cardinals eliminated Braves-Fulton County Stadium (1982), Turner Field (2000 and 2012), and SunTrust Park.

Atlanta has not won a playoff series for 18 years since Houston was defeated in the 2001 Division Series. Since then, the Braves have lost 10 consecutive playoffs.

And they used the Tomahawk Chop – there were no tomahawks in sight on Wednesday – on all these occasions.

The SunTrust Park crowd does not know the trademark of Tomahawks, as cardinals Ryan Helsley, a Cherokee, was upset over their use last week and did not know exactly how to behave. And Foltynewicz had disappeared after eight skirmishes, only one of which retired, and that was in the act.

The leader Dexter Fowler, having barely tipped a two-hit tile to stay alive, took a walk. Kolten Wng sacrificed and Paul Goldschmidt, who hit .471 for the series at that time, grounded a ball to the right of shortstop Dansby Swanson, who made a dive stop but had no play elsewhere.

Marcell Ozuna increased his series average to .500, as he scored the fifth game in a row, throwing a 0-2 pitch for a single and the first run into the right field. The Braves had a chance to escape the inning when Yadier Molina hit Gold Glove, first baseman Freddie Freeman, but Freeman stuffed the hops. Freeman not only got two outs for what should be a double, he did not get any.

Molina was safe and loaded the bases that remained laden when Matt Carpenter left, and forced her to the second run. It would be followed by a series of double runs.

The first was from Tommy Edman on the right field line. This produced Paul DeJong, who was purposely accompanied by Foltynewicz as his last act. The first act of the left-handed Max Fried was the gang with the pitcher Jack Flaherty, who led in another run to 5-0.

Flaherty was the first pitcher of the Cardinals to draw a base-laden run in the post-season since Bob Gibson in Game 4 of the 1968 World Series

Two doubles from Fowler and Wong quickly made it 9-0, and Wong scored the hit Last Run on a wild field when Ozuna failed.

Catcher Brian McCann, who was chasing the ball in this strikeout, slipped and then threw himself wild, but Ozuna did not advance.

Molina then hit another infield grounder, but the Braves caught it.

The 10-run burst in the first is a post-season record for this inning and tied for the most in every inning. And it's the best in a first inning of the Cardinals since Matchday 11 against San Diego on May 8, 2005.

Before Wednesday, seven Milwaukee Braves runs against the New York Yankees in the postseason were the biggest first inning in the season History The first inning of Game 2 in the 1958 World Series.

Most runs that the Cardinals had scored in previous playoff innings were nine in the second inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 4 of the National League Championship hit series in 1985 at night, as catalyst Vince Coleman was overrun before the game of a runaway tarp.

The Detroit Tigers had 10 runs in the third inning of World Series Game 6 against the Cardinals – that day – in 1968 in a 13-1 victory that kept the World Series alive for the Tigers on the to win next day at Busch II. The 1929 Philadelphia Athletics and 2002 Anaheim Angels also had 10 runs in an inning after the season.

DeJong, who scored only two goals in the first four games of the series, doubled one run in the second and won another in a third with two runs as the Cardinals drew 13-0.

Edman had tripled in the second before DeJong, and a throw of second baseman Ozzie Albies helped the Cardinals in the third. DeJong's double was the 16th of the Cardinal's NLDS and set another record.

Josh Donaldson crossed the midfield wall as the Braves entered the fourth race against Flaherty. "We won this inning," chuckled a Braves fan in the stands.


The fans had to hack a little pantomime, powered by the display music, as the Braves charged the bases in the fifth. Atlanta failed to hit when Freeman hit Wong, who was practically playing in the right field. But there had been some excitement when Flaherty punched Braves star Ronald Acuna Jr. in the left shoulder.

Acuna Jr. had irritated the cardinals, mostly the Relic Carlos Martinez, with his actions earlier in the series. And Acuna, who had catcher Molina and home plate referee Tom Hallion as escort on his trip to First Base, pointed at Flaherty and shouted something down the line on his way.

Hallion warned both clubs that such actions would be driven by a pitcher would result in spills. Flaherty would be out of the game after six innings anyway after scoring eight goals while throwing 104 pitches.



• 5 hits (all with runners in the rating position)

• 1 safe player crossing out wild field

SHILDT SLEPT & # 39; LIKE A BABY & # 39;

Although the fifth game of the National League Division series is likely on Wednesday night is the biggest game of his career to date. Cardinals manager Mike Shildt asked how he had slept on Tuesday night and replied, "Like a baby. How did you sleep?

"Had a good meal, a nice, air-conditioned room, dark and light.

" The fact is, when you sit there and turn around and find out (things). By two o'clock in the morning you probably still have your preparation not done, "said Shildt.

" We trust in our preparation. This allows us to stay calm and just play the game and be prepared for a lot of scenarios.


Adam Duvall has done enough damage to the Cardinals, who only play one or two matches, so Atlanta Braves manager Brian Snitker Duvall gives more chances. [19659042] The right-handed Duvall, who scored an important Two-Run Pinch Homer against Cardinals starter Jack Flaherty in Game 2 of the series, will take sixth place in the left field and replace the left-handed Matt Joyce for his best work Fighting is so far Duvall is three against seven, and in the first four games five runs were contested. [19659] 003] The Cardinals will use the same lineup they have played in their last two games, with Harrison Bader out of action, Tommy Edman in the right field, Dexter Fowler in the center, and Matt Carpenter in third. Paul DeJong will continue to play in eighth place as the Cardinals try to break Mike Foltynewicz, who has warned them of seven innings in Braves' # 2 game.

I feel good and can keep up, "said Shildt. "So that's what we do."

One scenario for the Cardinals' advance is the possible return of Michael Wacha to the list for a subsequent round. Wacha, who had a shoulder load today threw a "very intense bullpen," said Shildt. "He recovered well from his lighter bull two days ago and is on a good way."

St. The Louis Cardinals Marcell Ozuna hits and RBI single in the first inning against the Atlanta Braves during the 5th NLDS game on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at the SunTrust Park in Atlanta, GA. Photo by Robert Cohen, [email protected]

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