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Cardinals convinced of Cliff Kingsbury's "dangerous" offense

When Kingsbury was hired, he said his offense would not be as enjoyable as that of his mentor Mike Leach, who threw the ball at 71 percent in 2018. and Kingsbury said many of the details are still pinned down.

"I think anyone who has accepted a job here understands that it could look a little different," Kingsbury said. "We are still working on what we will become and who we will be offensive, we mix a lot of things together, with different thoughts from different coaches who have done this in other places at a high level." I wonder how it will turn out . "

While the sustainability of the NFL can not be answered for months ̵

1; and perhaps years – the pass-catchers on the squad are excited about the change.

" I smile about it every time, "said Christian Kirk "Selfishly, as a receiver, I know how much we can throw the ball into the air and how dynamic we can be."

Murray and the passing game had some nice moments at the beginning of the camp as its accuracy and easy velocity was too

The big hurdle is taken at the beginning of the regular season when opponents cast exotic glances at Murray and confuse him No worries about these potential dangers.

"To be honest, we've seen many creative defenses in the Big 12 just because it's difficult to stop the offense, and these coaches have been training it for a long time," Murray said. "I do not know if there is much more in defense, we've seen a lot."

The Cardinals are all-in on Kingsbury's offensive, sold that it will be up to date with the NFL and not

innovative trainer, a highly creative coach who will actually put it on the market instead of just talking about it – it has obviously worked, "Murray said." He has learned from people from which he was trained. I just think it's a very dangerous offense if everything clicks. "

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