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Cardinals did not have much time to settle in Kingsbury

Just over eight days ago, Cardinals team principal Michael Bidwill promised to keep his trainer close to the vest and pursue the same thorough process that introduced the two most successful Arizona franchise coaches to Ken Whisenhunt and Bruce Arians.

On Tuesday afternoon, hours after he had interviewed him for the first time, the Cardinals Cliff hired Kingsbury as their new head coach.

This is a far cry from commentary or projection on how Kingsbury is acting as NFL head coach. He literally has no NFL coaching experience to extrapolate from. At Texas Tech he was between 35 and 40 years, while he oversaw Baker Mayfield, Patrick Mahomes and Davis Webb. He was fired after missing the appearance of a bowl for the third time in six years.

No, this is more about the bizarre and remarkably fast The Cardinals claimed more than one trial this past week that broke free of a first-year head coach and brought them another. Go back to Friday, December 28, when the 3-1

2 Cardinals were ready to face the Seahawks in the season finale. Head coach Steve Wilks was asked if he spoke with Bidwill about the future of the cardinals. "Everything is now this season and trying to finish on a positive note," Wilks said, "and this conversation will take care of itself."

On the Sunday after the game, Wilks said he expected Bidwill to continue Monday about the future and said it was not difficult to concentrate while the future was not clear. "It's about focusing on the task at hand," Wilks said. "And before it came to winning soccer games. The season is over, so we try to find direction and clarity.

At 7 o'clock local time, Wilks told his coaching staff that he would not return as head coach, an inevitability for at least the previous two weeks, in which the Cardinals, through anonymous leaks, made no secret about their intention to leave Wilks.

"This morning I met Coach Wilks and let him know that we were going in a different direction," Bidwill said after shooting. "It was a difficult decision. But I met with Coach this morning and had a very warm meeting, shook his hand and wished him well. "

Bidwill said he did not like Wilks' plan for 2019 and beyond. "If I looked at his plan for 2019, I just did not feel like it was a plan I wanted to leave behind," Bidwill said. But looking at the timeline, it is extremely difficult to figure out when Bidwill would have found the time to thoroughly discuss the plan (presumably Wilk's offensive coordinator and how the team would return to a 3-4 defense). He decided it would did not like and he should move in a different direction in the head training position.

Nonetheless, the coach of the future of the Cardinals was hired at the University of Southern California and was not allowed to speak with the NFL teams about any future employment. Athletic director Lynn Swann told the NFL teams they could not interview the offensive coordinators of his football team, and the NFL teams were forced to respect this or violate the League's rules of conduct by Saturday night. On Monday, this seemed to have been resolved when Kingsbury met with Jets representatives for his vacant position and conducted an interview with the Cardinals the following day. (The USC buy-out from Kingsbury costs only $ 150,000, and the Cardinals will take care of it, as NFL Network .)

Kingsbury was in Arizona early Tuesday morning and 1 In the morning. Local time he completed his four-year contract with an option for a fifth year. It was an objectively fast process, and as an NFL executive told us last year, "people make decisions in 24-48 hours, and if you take no one, someone else will."

A joke NFL media This week – and, frankly, everyone said this joke is old – is that every team is interested in a coaching job for someone who used to be in a Starbucks line with Sean McVay. In fact, the Cardinals team's website linked Kingsbury with McVay in a de facto press release about the setting of Kingsbury, which referred to the coaches as friends.

Although he's a good joke, he ignores how hard McVay works and his incredible football intelligence. Second, it ignores how much work the Rams have done in hiring McVay, who was known to be "kidnapped" and not allowed to return to Washington.

Rapid Review of Rams' Persecution of McVay in 2017 by the Orange County Register: Following the firing of Jeff Fisher on December 12, 2016, the Rams compiled a list of candidates, including McVay. Washington ended its season on January 1, and the Rams flew McVay to dinner on January 4 for an official interview the next day, watching a movie with quarterback Jared Goff. Five days later, the Rams McVay flew back to L.A. He had dinner with owner Stan Kroenke and Rams legend Marshall Faulk. The next day he was back in the building with Aaron Donald and others.

After almost two days of two dinners, two formal interviews, meetings with every pollster in the organization and key members On both sides of the ball, McVay finally had the job. It's not clear what Kingsbury did or whom he met on Tuesday morning, but it can be said without any real objection that the Cardinals know much less about their new head coach than the Rams did about their two years ago.

Cardinals may know even less about Kingsbury than about Wilks, who had interviewed Arizona twice a year before he got the job.

Both at college and in the NFL, policymakers rely heavily on referrals and outside coaching agents. However, this system must be clearly revised. If a quarter of the NFL teams fired their head coaches after doing so, that was not enough evidence. The bizarre logic of multi-billion dollar franchise companies relying on third parties whose unambiguous bias is the second most common source of information An important person in the building (first the quarterback) should be enough for the teams to re-evaluate the process.

This completes the Arizona Cardinals coaching quest. If a brief morning meeting was enough for Bidwill to decide that he did not like the old coach's direction, a longer, but still relatively short, morning meeting should be enough to decide on his head coach future.

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