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Cardinals GM says winning streak makes them buyers deadline St. Louis Cardinals

PITTSBURGH – When the trading deadline was in sight this month, the Cardinals Front Office openly said it was moving in the marketplace, fluctuating between buying, selling or stagnating. The officials were waiting for a sign from the team that it was not a 500 club.

After the Pirates had completed four games on Thursday and the Cardinals had returned to the Bush Stadium with a 1-7 victory, they were in first place in the National League Central – and a clear direction for the Front Office.

"It pushes our view from the center to the buyer side," said General Manager Michael Girsch on Thursday at PNC Park. "If that succeeds is hard to say. Who knows at this point? Of course it changed our perspective. That is no longer the question. "

The trading period ends on Wednesday and for the first time it's a real deadline, there will be no waivers, no pay slips, nothing like it used to populate August." Girsch described the market as "complicated right now Some of the teams that were positioned as sellers, like San Francisco, had a great opportunity to change their plans, and other teams that insisted that they would face each other this season, like the Mets, are now open It was reported that the Mets would be listening to Noah Syndergaard, one of the best fastballs and nicknames of the game ("Thor").

While the victorious route gave the Cardinals the impetus to go shopping, they gave the impetus to Shopping list is still taking shape, with well-known hackers like Nicholas Castellanos of Detroit not offering the obvious fit for the Cardinals, and some The pitchers who address the cardinals, such as Will Smith of San Francisco or Brad Hand of Cleveland, may not be available. The priorities of the Cardinals are, according to official information, the search for a left-handed person. The Cardinals have investigated possible options when starting Pitcher. The list of available starters seems to shift with the rating. Arizona is a fascinating place to send a few text messages with the left-hander Robbie Ray and the high-priced, highperformance right-hander Zack Greinke, who is part of a one-way team.

Girsch declined to discuss specific goals per team policy.

He has made it clear that the Cardinals have interfered in the competition for a division title, and that topping up the list will appeal to a run of the title rather than a wildcard run.

"The goal is to win the division," said Girsch. "Our job is something practical in my opinion. You can not chase something that is too far out of reach, but you do not give up what is going well.

The finality of the deadline and the clutter of races will separate the teams based on their schedules to compete against each other. Sellers will be teams looking for a year, two, three years later. For the first time in several years, the Cardinals have a thinner set of perspectives to offer. They are not interested in conversations centering around Dylan Carlson, the awesome AA outfielder, and John Mozeliak, the baseball team president.

"Where we stand in the rankings and in the rankings How we play has of course an influence on what we can ultimately achieve by the deadline," said Girsch. "The offense has come alive. It was great to see us playing as we had imagined.


Following a meeting with manager Mike Shildt on Thursday morning, Carpenter and the club have decided that rehabilitation of the third Baseman should take place Continue the weekend and he will not be on Friday come to the team in St. Louis. Carpenter will instead switch from Class AAA Memphis to Class AA Springfield and appear at home on Friday night in the S-Cards lineup. In his two games with the Triple-A Redbirds this week, Carpenter went to zero against six with three strokes and went for a walk before scoring a run.

Carpenter recovers from back pain and deep bone damage near his right ankle ̵

1; injuries that put him on the injured list twice this month. He also uses access to minor league games to heal his momentum. Shildt said the former All-Star's performance will determine when he comes back and what role he plays when.

"He feels better, but the results were not as close as the numbers," said Shildt. "We believe he's approaching a more positive location, continue to grab a few bats and make sure he feels ready."


With a lead of seven runs in the fourth inning on Wednesday, Yairo Munoz took advantage of the apparent apathy of the pirates and stole two bases: Shildt spoke after playing with Munoz to "make sure we're all on the same page," but the manager was certain that he had no problems with the young player's move, not in the fourth inning, yet to get with 18 outs.

If the pirates had any problem, they did not reciprocate

"Baseball is great because there are many unwritten rules," Shildt said, "but because they are unwritten, they have their own version." [1 9459011]

The score influenced his decision in the seventh inning when Paul Goldschmidt seemed to overtake a throw in the first base. Shildt decided not to challenge the game 13-4, although they had an angle indicating that Goldschmidt might be safe.

"I do not know where this line is (except) us. I do not want to push it," said Shildt. "Not because we're not trying to compete or looking for any advantage we can give or reward our guys like Goldy for the effort he has given across the board." It's the last of the seventh and they have a positional player. I could not justify throwing extra parking space to a man trying to ring the bell for his team.


Jedd Gyorko (Wrist Surgery, Calf Challenge) Will Participate On Friday, he trains with his team mates and could set off for rehab on Saturday. Gyorko strengthened his baseball activities last week and is ready to join his teammates at least in the cage and possibly on the field for infield exercises. Shildt said a meeting is scheduled for Saturday to determine where Gyorko will start what a 20-day rehab job can be. … Marcell Ozuna (hand fractures) has seen an increase in his grasp this week, and he and Yadier Molina (Daum tendon) will be meeting with a hand specialist this weekend to determine their further recovery. A timetable for the return of both players could solidify during the home game. … Dexter Fowlers Homer Thursday was his first homer in the regular season at PNC Park. He had a home run in the Wild Card Game 2015 in Pittsburgh to send his Cubs into a division series against the Cardinals.

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