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Cardinals’ outbreak of COVID 19: More positive test results are expected per report

Major League Baseball is reportedly preparing for further positive coronavirus testing at the St. Louis Cardinals. The cardinals were reported to have had at least six positive test results in their tour group on Friday and Saturday, including three from players. Their three-game weekend series in Milwaukee against the Brewers has been postponed.

Derrick Goold from der St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the cardinals had four inconclusive tests (one player and three employees) on Saturday, and these were being carried out in addition to the positive tests already known. Jeff Passan of ESPN adds that several new positive results are “expected”

;. However, the team didn’t expect new test results until Monday and would stay in Milwaukee overnight.

The Cardinals are expected to play four games against the Tigers in Detroit from Tuesday through Thursday, including a double header on Wednesday, the league said. This series was originally scheduled to start on Monday. It is unclear how Sunday’s test results will currently affect the cardinals’ schedule.

The Miami Marlins had four players tested positive last weekend, and that number rose to 18 during the week. The CDC estimates that the COVID-19 incubation process can take two to 14 days, with the mean time being five days. New infections are then registered with a delay.

Major League Baseball’s weekend season was believed to be at risk, based on comments Commissioner Rob Manfred made to union leader Tony Clark. ESPN’s Jeff Passan suggested that the season be canceled on Monday. Another team-wide outbreak or even suspicion of one within 10 days could leave Manfred with no other choice.

Another problem is whether the cardinals transferred the disease to the Minnesota Twins, their opponents and hosts earlier this week. The twins had not yet had a positive test and were in the field for a four game series against Cleveland that started on Thursday. If there is good news in this regard, team-to-team transfer is unlikely to be unlikely during a game.

Based on what is known about the transmission of COVID-19, the highest risk is that people spend long periods at intimate distances in the midst of a crowd in a closed or poorly ventilated environment. In other words, not out on the field where the players are far apart and rarely stay close together for long periods of time.

The Philadelphia Phillies, who played a series against the Marlins, have not yet had a positive player test, the team said on Saturday.

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