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Cards & # 39; Peterson & # 39; Definitely excuses the PED violation

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona (USA) – Just hours after Arizona Cardinals' Cornerback Patrick Peterson was officially announced for six games for violating the league's performance improvement guidelines, eight-time Pro Bowler was involved in his foundation's annual fundraiser on the red carpet and apologized, saying he was "deeply disappointed" with the situation that caused him to miss the first six Cardinals games.

"Absolutely, excuse me, what's breaking out today … I think you understand my character and also understand my commitment on and off the pitch and also for my teammates and the Arizona Cardinals organization," said Peterson , "That's why it seems very, very difficult for me because obviously I've never been in this situation and I never wanted my name to be associated with anything like that."

"I'm looking forward to moving forward and put that behind me. I would like to thank my family, my teammates, the coaching staff, the Arizona Cardinals Community and also the organization. And I'm looking forward to returning to week 7. I'll keep trying to keep that smile on my face and become the best DB in the league again.

Peterson made a 139-word statement The reporters were threatened by his public relations team not to ask about the suspension and ask questions about the charity event or risk the end of press availability announcement.

Peterson who said he had known for months of the impending suspension, felt the news of the news release on Thursday morning, followed by the official announcement of the NFL a few hours later, as "terrible."

The plan, Peterson said, was the announcement

"It's what it is," Peterson said. "It would come out someday, but definitely it did not want to come out." Tonight or today, out there. "

Peterson, however, r said he was "relieved" that the message came out so he could "get over it and get on with me".

Peterson said he spoke to General Manager Steve Keim and his relationship with the Cardinals was "great." Peterson indicated that he would not participate in any of the Cardinals' voluntarily organized team activities.

"Must father "Peterson said," My wife is a doctor. I'm currently the only one who can really go to school [my daughter]so I have to get her to school every day and make sure she gets there safely and that she's picked up.

"I am still working with due diligence to ensure I am in shape."

Peterson was asked if he wanted to clarify something about his six-game suspension. [19659002] "No, just a block of six games," he said.

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