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Carmelo Anthony appears on the MSG to see Dwyane Wade

NEW YORK – Carmelo Anthony returned to Madison Square Garden as a fan on Sunday night, but hopes to return to the arena in the near future.

"I've had some great years in this building, and I'm looking forward to coming back and playing more in this building," Anthony said in an interview with MSG Network during the Knicks defeat to Miami Heat.

Anthony, who is currently a member of the Chicago Bulls, is likely to be a freelance agent shortly. The Bulls who received Anthony in a deal with the Houston Rockets will trade or relinquish the tenfold All-Star before the close on February 7, sources in the league told Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

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"At this point, I just want to be happy," Anthony said as he talked about his next move. "I think I've now moved into a good, peaceful state of mind where I can focus on what I need to focus on, and what will make me happy will make it happen."

Anthony attended Sunday's game to see his good friend Dwyane Wade in his final NBA season.

"If there was a moment I could get out of here, it's a visit. He's making it out here in the garden," Anthony said from his seat near the bench. "Knowing what he's invested in this game, knowing what he's going to do, is deeper than basketball when it comes to us."

Anthony received a long, loud ovation from the fans at the Garden when he was introduced to the JumboTron in the first quarter.

" The energy has always been good [in the arena]. The fans have always been good, "said Anthony, whose seven-year tenure in New York ended amidst a dismay with ex-Knicks team president Phil Jackson," The fans have always been good to me. This is home, New York is home. Family is here, friends [are] here. They can not beat that energy. "

Wade, one of Anthony's closest friends In the NBA, it's clear that Anthony can still help an NBA team.

" It's about the right fit. It's about the right mentality, "said Wade Sunday." The hardest part for GMs, presidents, owners and players is dealing with an aging superstar, right, in this game. Everything has to work perfectly.

"Everyone has to make the right sacrifices, and it has to be" The right group, and it has to be the right coach, "said Wade." It has to work perfectly if it's an aging star in this game. And his last stop in Houston was not the right one. But Carmelo can play basketball. "

34-year-old Anthony (34) averaged 13.4 points per game in 29 minutes per Rocket, playing only 10 games in Houston before agreeing to leave the club GM, Daryl Morey said that the fit the Rockets presented with Anthony never materialized.

The Los Angeles Lakers have an interest in Anthony but have no intention of hiring a player for an available seat for him Sources from the League If a site becomes available to the Lakers before or after the trading deadline, they are a potential target for Anthony, according to the sources of the league.

Wade said on Sunday that Anthony, run by the Knicks, the Oklahoma, has been trading in City Thunder and the rockets have been in a good mood for the last 16 months.

"Forget basketball. I just want to make sure that everything that has happened in the last year and a half, anyway, that his mind is all right and that he is fine. He seems to be, "said Wade. Through our conversations, I can say the videos are being sent in our group chat, I can tell all of these things that his mind is up and that he's feeling better. I hope [he’ll get] is an opportunity to come out in this NBA hall again, whether this year, whether next year, this game that he loves can continue and that he is still good. "

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