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Carmelo Anthony had been lazy on his return to Oklahoma City

Photo: Harry How (Getty)

Carmelo Anthony returned to Oklahoma City tonight as a member of the Rockets, bringing comforting memories back to Thunder fans when he … well, he did not In his franchise year, he actually does not do anything on the ground, except that he missed a series of shots, but he once called out some cursing words on the flat screen! That was fun.

However, Melo is following Houston at the moment, helping to overthrow a team that barely missed the NBA final and then took some really inexplicable steps this summer to worsen. You may already have heard that, but Carmelo * dramatic break * is bad. The jerk continued tonight as the Rockets hit an annual low and fell from 98 to 80 to a Thunder team that did not even have Westbrook. It's probably best to forget just one night, which is just a team that wanted to play basketball against a team that clearly did not feel like it was within three miles of a place, but here is the coolest game of the game – a Dennis Schroder for Jerami Grant oop, in which Grant almost touches the ceiling. The Thunder fans cheered when Carmelo Anthony first came into play, but they would definitely do it I have him tonight Bought if he still wore an OKC uniform. Here's Melo's set: 20 minutes at -22, two points in 1:11 shooting (including six misses out of three), five boards, zero assists, zero steals or blocks, and sales. Sure, Chris Paul also had an ugly night, but Melo was especially staggeringly miserable. By the way, Schröder – the new guy in this Thunder team – was double digging along with all the other OKC starters, picking out five supports that were as high as