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Carole Baskin awarded the zoo, which once belonged to ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic

A judge in Oklahoma ruled on Monday in favor of Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue Corporation in his lawsuit against the Greater Wynnewood Development Group, LLC (GWDC). The latter company once belonged to Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage.

The command gives Baskin control of approximately 16 hectares of land in Garvin County, Oklahoma, where there is an animal park with a number of big cats.

GWDC must “vacate the Zoo Land’s premises within 120 days of the delivery of this Ordinance … All zoo animals must be removed from the Zoo Land for the vacations of the premises,” the court order said.

According to court records, the verdict also awarded several cabins and vehicles to Baskin.

Tiger King Joe Exotic is said to have over 200 big cats in his Oklahoma zoo.

Baskin, who owns a Florida animal shelter, has been a vocal critic of the Maldonado Passage animal park for years, a feud that escalated into a court battle

Exotic argued that Baskin was trying to destroy his business with an online smear campaign in videos she posted on her YouTube page and social media channels. Meanwhile, Baskin argued that Exotic abused his animals and crossed against his use of tigers for profit.
Exotic was convicted of murdering Baskin last year and is serving a 22-year prison sentence for attempting to hit and other crimes, including animal abuse.
What about the big cats from & # 39; Tiger King & # 39; happens?

Court documents claim he tried to pay a killer $ 3,000 to kill Baskin, and shot five tigers, sold baby lemurs, and sold counterfeit papers to say they were donated.

A lawyer from Jeff Lowe, the current owner of Exotic’s Park, told CNN that today’s verdict was not unexpected.

“We expected Carol Baskin to receive the title for the former park that was once owned by Joe Exotic, and we have not questioned her attempts to do so,” Mosley said Monday. “Jeff is fully focused on opening the new Tiger King Park in Thackerville, Oklahoma, which is scheduled to open in the next 120 days.”

CNN has asked Baskin to comment on the verdict but has not yet received an answer.

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