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Carp: Priority number one on the deadline for Golden Knights should be Mark Stone

** In the South of Nevada Sports Hall of Famer, Steve Carp's biweekly column is released every Wednesday and Sunday during the Golden Knights season. **

The NHL trading period ends eight days. So now it's a good opportunity to see what the Golden Knights could do. Or you should do it.

Do not be fooled by the Saturday Offensive in their 5-1

win over Nashville, who unleashed the home games after five games. You need more points.

Who should they go after?

[Photo credit: SinBin.vegas photographer Brandon Andreasen]

There is Artemi Panarin of Columbus, which may be available. Philadelphia may be ready to part with Wayne Simmonds. You could get the Rangers to trade with Mats Zuccarello. The same goes for the devils who move Marcus Johansson, a move that Ken supports (more on that tomorrow).

For me, the knights should have a goal at the top of their list – Ottawa's Mark Stone – of course provided he is still on the market. The senators are reportedly trying to get him to agree to a contract extension and stay in Ottawa.

But let's go ahead and get down to the basics he provides.

Why should Stone be Vegas's main trading destination?

] Let's start with the fact that the guy in a really bad team is really good. Ottawa is the worst team in the NHL and is a hot mess on and off the ice. A scene change to a successful organization would undoubtedly help Stone.

He is only 26 years old. He is on his way to the best season of his career with 27 goals, 32 assists and 59 points in 58 games. His best result so far was in 2015, when he had 26 goals, 38 assists and 64 points with the senators. It went well with Vegas's up-tempo style of play and skating with better players would probably increase its productivity.

The disadvantage? Stone makes $ 7.35 million and will be an unrestricted free agent on July 1st. If you are GMGM, can you sign Stone for an extension? McPhee is not a big lending guy, so one would have to think that if he takes care of Stone, he understands that he can sign him on a long-term basis. Stone is represented by Craig Oster of Newport Sports.

Of course, Vegas is not the only team interested in Stone's services. Winnipeg, who played and lost to Ottawa in overtime on Saturday, is said to be interested. Calgary could also be in the mix to run for him.

Assuming that Stone was paid the same amount of money to stay in Vegas, he would become the team's highest paid player. Most likely, he would demand an increase in salary. Whatever made him a Golden Knight, it would be much more than what he is currently investing in the bank in Ottawa. Remember that there is no state income tax in Nevada, while Stone pays high national and provincial taxes Canada.

The money saved goes into the pocket, not the government.

And the quality of life here in Southern Nevada should appeal to him. A conversation with one of the players of the knights will convince him.

And then there's the Kelly McCrimmon connection. McCrimmon coached Stone in juniors at the Brandon Wheat Kings, and whether or not McCrimmon should remain long-term as Vegas Assistant GM should not affect Stone's comfort.

I also believe that Stone would like to play for Gerard Gallant, the player is "coach.

Could the Knights Stone afford in the long run?"

As it will be next year, Fleury and Max Pacioretty will each earn the highest salary of $ 7 million each. Paul Stastny will earn $ 6.5 million. So that's $ 20.5 million for three players for 2019-20.

The knights are also involved with William Karlsson. Wild Bill earns $ 5.25 million this season and is a limited free agent at the end of the season. He does not set the record numbers of a year ago, but he has a solid season. It will be interesting to see how McPhee plays this.

But there's room for the team's salary cap – about $ 16 million – to take on someone with Stone's salary structure. Money will not be a big problem.

What would it take to get him?

My guess is a package of a defender, a striker, a leaflet and / or a pimple. McPhee and Pierre Dorion, the GM of Sens, know each other well. Remember, the two teams completed a blockbuster deal for the Knights nearly a year ago to acquire Erik Karlsson.

What could a Golden Knights package look like? 2022 and has an AAV of $ 3,875. That's about half of what Stone does, so that alone would reduce Ottawa's salary. Miller is only 26 years old, can move the puck and promote the powerplay of senators. He is currently a third couple in Vegas. In Ottawa, he is likely to become a top-pair defender.

McPhee also swaps him out of the Western Conference, meaning the Knights only see Miller twice a year.

And remember, Erik Brannstrom is waiting to take this team out of training camp next year. It is believed that he will be a great player, so losing Miller in the short term should not be a big problem.

Also, Jon Merrill played his best hockey last month, and they eventually get Nick Holden back. Somehow I can see that the knights survive the loss of Miller over the trade.

As for the rest of the puzzle, Ottawa may be willing to take back Brandon Pirri or Oscar Lindberg to get some of the score he will miss Stone. Yes, Pirri was aggressively frozen before hitting Arizona on Tuesday and scoring his 10th goal of the season on Saturday. But he only earns $ 650,000.

Even Ottawa can afford it. For him, there are no concerns, because Pirri will be a UFA at the end of the season.

Ditto for Lindberg, who is a pending UFA and earns $ 1.7 million. Maybe a scene change would get Lindberg back on track. He's only 27 years old and I think he still has some durability, although his offensive numbers were below average at the Knights. Lindberg has scored in his last two games, including the team's fourth goal on Saturday.

Well, what about the rest of the potential trade from Ottawa's point of view? The Knights will probably not move Brannstrom, Cody Glass or Nic Hague. But maybe they offer Senator Ivan Morozov her second round from Russia, which will be playing in the KHL in 2018. Or they can convince Ottawa to take over Reid Duke or Zach Whitecloud or Daniel Carr, all of whom play in Chicago's AHL.

As far as the Drafts are concerned, the Knights have nine picks in this year's NHL Entry Draft, including three in the third round and three in the fifth. I do not see that GMGM selects the number 1 or 2. But a third or a choice in the fifth round? Absolute.

Dorion will want a lot back. And he should demand a lot. And when other teams shop for Stone, the price of poker could be steep when everything is said and done. The reality is that the knights have to give up something to get something.

The question will be, how much will be enough to bring Mark Stone to the desert? I would not bankrupt the franchise to get it, but I would certainly make a serious attempt to get it out of Kanata before falling back to Plan B or C.

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