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Carrie Lam says a Hong Kong murder suspect sparked protests that were ready to come in

The murder suspects, whose case triggered Hong Kong's ongoing protest movement, now wants to surrender to the authorities, said Hong Kong's leader received on Saturday from Chan Tong-Kai, who wants to extradite himself.

Chan is being sought by Taiwanese authorities for alleged assassination of his pregnant girlfriend during a trip to the island in February last year. Upon his return to Hong Kong, he was not sent back to Taiwan because there is no extradition treaty in Hong Kong. This led the Beijing-friendly Lam to propose a extradition law that would allow the detainees to be sent back to mainland China for prosecution.

Violent protests followed for months, ravaging the financial center. In September, Lam finally withdrew the controversial bill, but protests from angry residents who believe that mainland China is interfering with Hong Kong's democratic freedoms on a Western model.

Taiwan itself stated in May that it would not agree to the transfer of Chan at extradition. The law would put Taiwanese citizens at risk of being sent to the mainland.

However, Chan was detained for money laundering in Hong Kong and is due to be released on Wednesday.


Reverend Canon Peter Koon Ho-ming, a senior Anglican priest, who visits Chan weekly in jail said the 20-year-old student from Hong Kong hopes his transfer would ease the chaos in his hometown, according to the South China Morning Post.

"I have been visiting him for more than half a year. At first he was worried about getting in touch, but after talking to lawyers from Taiwan and his family, he made the decision last month, "the Anglican church official said. "I told him that he is still young, how many years can he hide from it? Even if he has been imprisoned for more than 1

0 years, he still has a fresh start, instead of being guilty."

INDIA POLICE SAYS IN THE DEATH OF 6 FAMILY MEMBERS WERE USED [19659003] Taiwan's Ministry of Justice ordered Hong Kong on Thursday to leave Chan in jail and investigate him for murder, and Lam and other Hong Kong officials have ruled out this prospect. [19659002] A pro-government source told the South China Morning Post it was "ridiculous" for Taipei to call on Hong Kong to detain Chan beyond his sentence


"It would be It is unlawful for the Hong Kong Government to continue detaining Chan after he has gone free, "the source said." It was the Taipei authorities who issued an arrest warrant against Chan, but now they want it Do not kill him anymore. "

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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