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Carrie Underwood's post-baby body has fans raving about the country star in the midst of the Cry Pretty Tour 360

Carrie Underwood knows her career well. Her Cry Pretty Tour 360 is currently in full swing, and fans are finding out that the new mother has repelled her baby body and caused a sensation with her street photos.

The DSDS winner gives fans a peek behind the scenes as she wanders from city to city, sometimes showing her taking care of her mother's duties while her children and others take care of her show in a performance. Meanwhile, the fans notice that the country superstar looks fantastic.

The last photo Underwood has posted of her Minnesota concert this week revealed a boring revelation to the singer, and many fans commented and commented.

(Photo: Carrie Underwood / Instagram)

"The legs!" Wrote a fan in the comments to the photo.

"[Carrie Underwood] those legs though !!!", another fan wrote. "Amazing."

"[You] absolutely beautiful person [oh my God]," commented a third fan.

Underwood The tour started a few months after the birth of their second child, son Jacob Bryan, in January, and the star recovered quickly from her son, which is surprising for most fans who can not believe how she has changed for the tour.

However, this did not happen by itself. Underwood has worked hard and put pressure on her body to get into the tourform that we see on Instagram. Underwood had already tackled this problem in March and the difficulty of "jumping back".

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(Photo: Carrie Underwood / Instagram)

"I'll be honest, jumping back" after it was much harder to have Jacob than having Isaiah and me Lately I've been pretty tough with myself, I'm going to the gym and can not walk so fast or so far, I can not do as much weight and repetition as a year ago, I just want to feel like I'm back, "wrote Underwood capturing a photo of her at the gym. "While I'm preparing for red carpets and life on tour, I promise now that I'll begin to appreciate what I mean. The body CAN do and stop focusing on that focus on what he can not do, I promise not to analyze every nook and cranny, every pound and every meal, I stay that way, because it's a journey, as long as I'm always working towards my goals, I will reach her someday. I'll take it day by day, smile and train the girl in the mirror because I love this body and everything it has done and will continue to do! "

Underwood is not afraid to share the views Her health and attitude as a mother are a big topic for the singer when she's not in the studio or on stage, she works clearly and is not afraid to do so with others

"Sometimes I feel like I just have to cry for no reason, and nothing happened," Underwood said to PEOPLE . "While I was thinking five or ten years ago "Oh my God, something is wrong with me!"

Such an open book seems to work for Underwood and their fans have noticed it over and over again.

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( Photo: Carrie Unde rwood / Instagram)

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