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A case of measles was reported to a patient at East Ramapo Elementary School on Friday.

This is the first report on measles at a public school during the Rockland County outbreak that began in October.

"Yesterday, the Rockland County Department of Health informed the East Ramapo Central School District and the administrators of the Hempstead Elementary School about a confirmed case of measles in this school." John Lyon, communications director of district director Ed Day, said today in an email to The Journal News / Lohud.

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The students were sent home on Friday with a letter reminding them that the measles outbreak had reached their school. The letter warned parents and guardians that a single case of measles was confirmed, and urged them to look for the symptoms of measles.

Lyon said that the Ministry of Health informed the school and asked for more information about immunization efforts.

"RCDOH sent a letter to school to monitor the students for signs and symptoms of measles, and asked for a list of each student's vaccination status," wrote Lyon.

The school does not have to discourage students from going to school, Lyon said.

"After the 21-day incubation period, RCDOH was informed about the case, so no students need to be expelled at this time," wrote Lyon. "Earlier records indicate that the Hempstead Elementary School has a very high immunization rate."

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Hempstead Elementary School in East Ramapo District (Photo: File Photo by Peter Carr / The Journal News)

The The Eruption Rockland received 87 confirmed cases and seven people suspected on Friday. Students at private schools were affected in the early stages of the outbreak, especially in Spring Valley, New Square and Monsey. But buyers at the Palisades Center and two locations in Spring Valley may have been exposed on Thanksgiving weekend.

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Measles are highly contagious and can remain in the air for up to two hours after an infected person leaves a room. Measles, a dangerous virus that is spread through the nose or throat, can cause pneumonia, brain damage, deafness or death. About one in four people who get measles are hospitalized.

People are considered to be contagious from four days to four days after the onset of a rash. Symptoms usually occur 10 to 12 days after exposure, but may occur as early as seven days and 21 days after exposure.

Due to the small geographical size of the county, exposures can occur anywhere in Rockland as people shop, eat and eat to run errands before realizing that they are ill but are contagious.

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