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Cassie and Caelynn were moving into the same apartment building

Colton's Season of The Bachelor was an emotional season. Especially for Cassie and Colton. However, as we learned in the two-part finale, Cassie and Colton have cleared things up and are happier now than ever before. Their first official date was to see Frozen on Broadway, and they keep releasing juicy pics of the two crawling on Instagram. Colton has recently shown in his story that the background to his phone is a picture of Cassie kneeling on a chip 7-11 (if those are not targets …).

  Cassie and Caelynn | Rick Rowell on Getty Images
Cassie and Caelynn | Rick Rowell on Getty Images

Caelynn also had a pretty emotional season of The Bachelor . She was one of the women who seemed to be in touch with Colton from the beginning. They immediately joined in their one-on-one talk and talked about intimate themes like Caelynn's sexual assault story. They had a real connection. Just as easily as Caelynn was to open himself to Colton, it seemed as if Colton also laid down his walls for Caelynn.

When he sent her home, she had a broken heart. But when she said goodbye, she told Cassie to get engaged. Cassie did not follow her friend's advice (anyway), but the moment showed how close the girls really were.

The Caelynn and Cassie Drama

Caelynn and Cassie's gang may have been inspired or reinforced by the rumors in the mansion that some of the women were not "for the right reasons" there, an ordinary ] Bachelor – this seems to be a big concern for every bachelor and bachelorette. "The Wrong Reasons" include, to be clear, the show in the hope of becoming an influencer, or The Bachelorette as opposed to a show in the hope of a marriage The Bachelor . , When it turned out that Caelynn and Cassie were the women rumors were about, both women denied her.

The women who accused Cassie and Caelynn said they thought marriage had never been a priority for them at any time in their lives.

Caelynn asked how anyone other than herself could know if she was ready for marriage or not.

Each of the prosecutors gradually went home. At the end of the day, they did not mess with Cassie. She was not ready to marry, she was not ready to get engaged. She even told Colton about her date in Spain that she was not even sure she was ready for a relationship. But love can change your priorities and Colton decided he did not mind, and the rest is history.

"The Bachelor" apartment

Even after the show ended, Caelynn and Cassie stayed close. After the final, Caelynn posted on Instagram that Colton must share Cassie with her.

They are actually so close that they now live in the same building. Cassie has just posted on Instagram that she does not have to live in Huntington Beach, but she's excited to be closer to Colton. A few minutes later, she added to the caption that she would live in the same building as Caelynn (we wonder if Caelynn told her friend to drop her).

"Would other S23 girls join in?" She added.

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