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Skygazers revel in the Bloodmoon, the cloud hinders Delhi's sight

From start to finish, the partial and total eclipse takes about three hours and 17 minutes. This long-lasting 1-hour and 43-minute solar eclipse was just 4 minutes shorter than the longest possible opportunity calculated by astronomers. The longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century took place over the weekend, and Dubai was one of the best places in the …

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Scientists: Earth is threatened by a giant comet, the Incredible Hulk

The space object will be surrounded by a layer of dust approximately 260,000 km in diameter, which can cause electromagnetic disturbances in the Earth's sphere and destroy all life. The Apocalypse can take place on the 7th of August. The Earth is fast approaching an unusual giant comet "the incredible Hulk", which takes its name because of its incredible size, …

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NASA develops the next generation of robotic satellites

GREENBELT, MD (WUSA) – NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center robotics engineer and scientist are developing the next generation of robotic satellites to service existing satellites. Today's satellites are mostly one and done. When the fuel runs out or the batteries die off, the satellites become space junk. But if fuel can be added or their technologies replaced / improved, the …

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NSW faces new demands to ban plastic bags

NSW faces new demands for the introduction of laws prohibiting disposable plastic bags following Coles' controversial backflip for delivering plastic bags to buyers. Coles has come under pressure from green groups and thousands of buyers for his decision to deliver free reimbursable plastic bags for buyers indefinitely rather than charging them 15 cents apiece as part of their program to …

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What if the earth turned into a huge pile of blueberries?

If our planet suddenly turned into a pile of blueberries the size of a pound, things would explode. That's science. More specifically, it is the conclusion of a hefty paper submitted to the preprint server arXiv on July 27 (papers on arXiv have not yet gone through the peer review process or been published in journals). Anders Sandberg, a computational …

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