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The fastest growing black hole devours about one sun every day

Black holes still offer some of the greatest secrets – and superlatives – that exist. NASA / JPL-Caltech The fastest growing black hole known to humans is surprisingly large and apparently very, very hungry, according to new research by an international team of astronomers. “The mass of the black hole is also approximately 8,000 times larger than that of the …

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The fastest growing black hole has a massive appetite

This massive, hungry black hole was first identified and investigated by researchers in May 2018. Previously, they believed that every two days it consumes the mass that corresponds to our sun. Now they have a better understanding of this monster black hole and its voracious behavior. The black hole is known as J2157 and exists more than 12 billion light …

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Canada’s sparrows sing a new song. You will hear it soon.

But as in the human world, those who combine novelty with familiarity occasionally find success, and their new song circulates through a particular community. Usually it stays there and Dr. Otter and his colleagues suspected that this only happened to their birds in western Canada, that “it was just an isolated peripheral population” that was doing their own thing, he …

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A “viral” new bird song in Canada causes sparrows to change their mood

A white throat sparrow. image:: Scott M. Ramsay A new bird song spreads like wildfire among Canadian white-throated sparrows. to an extent that scientists have never seen before. Birds rarely change their chirping little tunes, and when they do, It is usually limited to the local environment, where light song variations basically become regional dialects. New research The book published …

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LIGO is so sensitive that it shivers before the quantum noise of light

Enlarge /. LIGO’s mirrors are a bit big to experience quantum effects. Quantum effects are generally viewed as small and fragile. Usually we can only recognize them when things are tiny and stay close to absolute zero and they are flooded by non-quantum effects outside of these conditions. Most of time. In Wednesday’s Nature edition, researchers report that quantum effects …

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Global warming has wiped out 6,500 years of cooling, according to the study

CONCLUDE How Adult Americans Think About Climate Change. USA TODAY Highlights of the story “There was a global cooling before global warming.” Global warming has increased by around 1 degree Celsius since the mid-19th century. “Our future climate will largely depend on the influence of human factors.” Over the past 150 years, man-made global warming has eliminated the natural global …

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