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All mermaid DIYs and garments in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ summer update is here, bringing a new visitor, Pascal. In return for a scallop shell – one of the 40 new marine animals you can catch while diving – Pascal gives you a DIY or mermaid piece of clothing. There are a total of 14 DIYs for mermaids to collect, and there are four different garments …

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The world ends with you: the animation will be broadcast in 2021. Here’s your first look

© Square Enix Square Enix has officially announced The world ends with you: the animation will start internationally in 2021. In this brand new anime, based on the original 2007 Nintendo DS game, Tetsuya Nomura, Takeharu Ishimoto, and other members of the original development team return to bring the story back to life. The production is taken over by Domerica …

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The World Ends With You Anime unveiled first trailer, release window

The world ends with you: the animation was one of the biggest surprises before Anime Expo Lite, and now we finally have more details about the upcoming release! According to the special unveiling presentation with those who worked on the original title a few years ago, the team is behind the original The world ends with you Video game fully …

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Nintendo condemns abuse as allegations spread across the Smash Bros. community

Share this article Companies in this article Nintendo has spoken out after a wave of serious allegations against the “improper” behavior of selected members of the competitive community surrounding the Smash Bros. series. Over 50 top players have been named from the fighting game community, including some prominent Smash Bros. professionals and commentators. The allegations range from unwanted sexual messages …

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Harvard’s transforming robotic tissue could lead to therapeutic wearables

To eliminate the need for an external machine, they weaved electronically conductive silver-plated threads into the material they used for the STATs. The threads serve as heating and sensor elements of the Smart Fabric and allow the temperature and pressure changes required to switch the phase of the Novec 7000 from liquid to vapor and vice versa. Co-lead author of …

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LinkedIn says that repeated copying of the iOS clipboard will stop

LinkedIn plans to prevent its app from repeatedly copying the contents of an iOS device’s clipboard after a user highlighted what appears to be an invasive practice earlier this week. ZDNet reports that LinkedIn described the behavior as an error. The app copies the contents of the clipboard to perform an “equality check” between what a user types and what …

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