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Causal Manda wins title, Rs 50 lakh; Geetha Madhuri finishes runner-up Entertainment News, Firstpost

The Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 Manda lifting the trophy.

The actor was declared as the winner of season 2 and presented with the trophy by actor Venkatesh and host Nani on Sunday night. Nani's first time journey Bigg Boss Telugu and later presenting us with the winner.

Raising 50 lakhs, chewing on cancer, in remembrance of his mother, which he lost to cancer.

The winner of this season was revealed or rather leaked Bigg Boss Trolls pages and social media buzz the Telugu audience were hooked to on Sunday. Meanwhile, the finals kickstarted performances by evicted contestants. Samrat, who was the first finalist of this season, ironically walked out first, followed by Deepthi and Tanish Alladi.

Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri. The Tom & Jerry of the house had made it to the top 2, with Kaushal turning out to be the winner and Geetha going back to her family as a deserving finalist and now runner-up. In the last few weeks, the second installment of the reality show, Nani was a season.

of bucket loads of emotions, genuine players and more light-hearted moments than dramatic fights.

Hilarious role-playing

Here's what happened in the final week before the contestants went home:


The week started with Bigg Boss assigning a humorous task, the last one of this year's housemates. All the contestants had to switch roles and play each other for over 24 hours or so. Kaushal had taken the role of Samrat; Samrat was Deepthi; Geetha essayed Tanish; Deepthi played Kaushal and Tanish displayed trademark Geetha behavior. The first two days of the week turned out to be hilarious as the housemates imitated each other and caught the smallest of mannerisms, habits and body language exhibited through the season. Tanish and Samrat's imitation of the ladies of the house, the two given reason for some rib-tickling laughter.

113 days of memories

As the final countdown began, it was time to revisit the season that was. Bigg Boss had overwhelmed each contestant with her journey descriptions and videos that showcased her stint at the reality show. Many housemates have been sacrificed at various points through the game. While Tanish walked out teary-eyed with his jacket, most of the housemates could not stop reminiscing the 113 days spent at the house as they are doing their secret tasks, 'Sanchalak' moments, fights, relationships and the many bonds that

The Reunion

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Just before the finale weekend, all the contestants of had made a surprise appearance in the house and it was awards time. Best friends Tanish, Deepthi Sunaina, Samrat and Tejaswi Madivada reunited among many other close buddies. Apart from all the outside world banter, the ex housemates and finalists were preparing for a dapper awards night ahead. The award show kicked off with Geetha's quirky songs and went on to give many titles to every contestant. From Miss Diva to Mr Romeo and Ms Fighter among other titles, housemates like Nandini, Samrat and Pooja Ramachandran walking away with these titles and a night of nostalgia.

All hail Kaushal army [Later] 19659002] Around 4 weeks into the game and the buzz on social media for this season something for Kaushal. Every fan page, every Bigg Boss Telugu had a trend and troll had Kaushal in the spotlight. Post the tiff with Kireeti, Kaushal had himself proved to be the one to look out for this season and the contestant who often called himself the 'one man army' and the one with 'zero' relations in the house , Nutaus and Syamala – pointed out the growing craze for Kaushal thanks to Kaushal Army. While the actor himself brushed aside, he was not talking about this phenomenon. Kaushal apart from walking away with the trophy, happened to trend all night on many social platforms for receiving an overwhelming welcome of sorts, from fans across Hyderabad.

For a season that's the way it looks , the grand finale proved to be an expected one. Neither the housemates were surprised nor many from the audience, as Na Ni TV announced Kaushal as the winner of season 2.

However, the finale also gave a whirlwind of emotions and made us dwell in many tear-jerking moments as contestants and Nani bid good bye.

The Bigg Boss season 2 what the first time actor Nani took over as host. There has been constant social media banter for 15 weeks now about the actor's anchoring, constant comparison and not being able to live up to the season. Host Tarak's charisma. But Nani proved to be the most humble boy next door in this reality show with many twists.

Kaushal's adamant spirit, Geetha's rant.

This season will have to be missed for Kaushal's adamant spirit, Geetha's rant , Samrat and Tanish's bro code and many entertaining episodes the Telugu audience have been depleted for almost three months now.

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