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CBS Sports believes the 49ers can get a safe upgrade with Eric Berry

  Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers selected eight players in last week's draft. Strikingly lacked some safety assistance. Although the team allegedly brought Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles from Arizona 6-foot-2-free free-agent security to compete in depth.

The lack of security among the 49er's recent draft classes was intriguing to some. Many expected the team to pick one in the third round after addressing the pass rush in the first and the broad receiver in the second. General Manager John Lynch, himself a former NFL security official, explained after the draft why the 49ers had avoided upgrading at the site.

"It's not the easiest to seek a security that can beat Jimmie Ward or (Jaquiski) Tartt." Lynch told reporters, "or the two guys we've worked with Marcell (Harris) over the last two years, (Adrian) Colbert and (Antone) had designed Exum who have come in and did a good job for us who has played on other NFL teams as well.This is not an easy thing.If there are guys you think that they are better than the ones you have, and they make more sense than another position, then that's an easy decision. "

The 49ers went on to take on the safety position in the freelance agency. Most believed that the team would haunt Earl Thomas, who appeared to be perfect in Seahawks' San Francisco defense. At the Baltimore Ravens, Thomas ended without any indication that the 49ers showed much interest in paying him the best dollar.

A veteran option that is still available is Eric Berry, who the Kansas City Chiefs had released on March 1

3, part of his remaining in the market. The 30-year-old five-time Pro Bowl selection and the three-time first-team All-Pro team have been to NFL teams, but have not found a new home yet.

John Breech of CBS Sports identified the 49ers as a team that could be a good landing place for Berry. It is important to note, however, that this is based solely on speculation and fits, and there is no indication of insider information that the 49ers may be interested in Berry or he may be in them.

"When Berry was in the field," he wrote one of the best security precautions in the NFL, "Breech wrote," but the problem is that he has not been in the field often in the last two years. After signing a $ 78 million contract in 2017, Berry played in just three out of 32 regular season games for the Chiefs. "

Breech believes the 49ers would not be deterred by Berry's injury story. Eventually, the team played and seemed to have won when they signed up to Richard Sherman, who suffered an Achilles injury last year. He started in 2014 with 14 games in San Francisco.

Besides, Berry would meet an immediate need.

"The thing with Berry is that he'd probably get an upgrade to the San Francisco safety location right away, so that's the case. The 49s should stretch," Breech writes.

The other teams on the list are the Washington Redskins, the Indianapolis Colts, the Cleveland Browns, and the Dallas Cowboys. The 49ers were in second place on the breech list.

"If Berry meets the 49ers and Lynch thinks he's better than anything the 49ers have, it would not be surprising if San Francisco takes that step," he added.

H / t to Kirk Larrabee of 24/7 Sports for the find.


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