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CDC director says Trump has no revised school policies despite Trump’s push

Instead, additional reference documents will be provided, Redfield told ABC’s “Good Morning America”.

Against the advice of some of the country’s leading health authorities, the president has repeatedly called for schools to be reopened as coronavirus cases are increasing across the country.
While Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading infectious disease expert, warned on Wednesday that the country must remain in control of the pandemic to get children back to school in the fall, Trump struck the CDC’s existing guidelines.

He tweeted that they were “very hard” and “expensive”, while another tweet threatened to cut school funding if they opposed the opening, although the federal government̵

7;s options are limited.

Trump despises science - and wants his scientists to do the same
The CDC guidelines for reopening schools include steps to ensure child safety, including keeping desks at a distance of two meters and using fabric covers. The CDC suggests closing communal areas such as dining rooms and playgrounds and, if necessary, installing physical barriers such as sneeze guards.

In a late Wednesday afternoon meeting of the Coronavirus Task Force, Redfield seemed to be using existing guidelines and saying they should not be used as an excuse not to bring children back into classrooms, which promotes hygiene, the use of fabric covers, and possibly staying at home .

“Remember, it’s a guide, not a requirement, and it’s supposed to make it easier for schools in this country to reopen and stay open,” Redfield said.

When asked about the President’s tweet, which included the guidelines, Vice President Mike Pence told reporters that the CDC will release new “tools” next week.

“The President said today that we simply do not want the guidelines to be too strict, and that is why the CDC will be releasing a number of new tools next week, five different documents that will further clarify the guidance for the guide Future, “said Pence.

Redfield’s Thursday statement that the CDC would not change policies that add to the confusion.

“Our guidelines are our guidelines, but we will provide additional reference documents to basically help communities try to open K-bis-12,” said Redfield. “This is not a revision of the guidelines, just additional information so that schools can use the guidelines we proposed.”

In response to comments on the guidelines that are too strict or impractical, Redfield said that it depends on how they are composed.

“At the moment we are continuing to work with local jurisdictions to find out how they want to use the portfolio of guides we provide to make them practical for the reopening of their schools,” he said.

A senior administrator insisted that everyone was on the same page and found that Pence had never said the policy would change. Ahead of a coronavirus taskforce press conference at the White House on Wednesday after the president’s tweet, Redfield assured members of the taskforce, including Pence, that additional guidelines would be released next week.

Earlier in the week, a senior official from the CNN’s disease control and prevention center told Nick Valencia from CNN that “schools should be the first to open and the last to close,” adding that “children are physically in.” have to be at school “.

The senior CDC official, well aware of the discussions, also said the agency plans to publish new guidelines on how the best K-12 students can physically return to class this year, although the exact timing for the proposed new guidelines is unclear .

The recommendation was presented internally to CDC executives earlier last week and is a “priority this week,” according to the senior official.

Over the weekend, senior officials from the Redfield agency presented details of the science behind why schools should reopen, the source said.

The details of the guidelines were not available.

CNN’s Stephen Collinson contributed to this report.

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