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CDC warns of bloodsucking kisses in Indiana

Close-up of an Assassin bug also known as Kissing Bug, a carrier of Chagas disease.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Reports of a potentially pathogenic beetle are spreading across the country.

The Center for Disease Control and Protection recently issued a warning about Triatomin beetles, better known as deadly "kiss beetles".

They were spotted in 12 different states, including Indiana.

It is known that they crawl around the mouth and eyes and bite people in their sleep.

You can also transmit a disease called "Chagas". Some of the symptoms of Chagas are fever, fatigue, swelling and a rash, but it can be more severe and cause strokes or even heart failure. Over time, nerve damage can occur.

Even your pets are not safe from triatomin since Chagas can cause them heart disease.

However, the beetle must bite a person or animal that is already infected with Chagas to divide it, and officials say Indiana has never reported a case of the disease.

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