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Celebrity chef Bobby Flay does not like the meatless burger delusion

Plant-based meat substitutes are becoming increasingly popular – but star chef Bobby Flay is not yet on board.

"At this point I do not have anything in my restaurants," he told CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Tuesday.

His comments came after Little Caesars announced on Monday that they would sell a pizza with plant-based sausage crumbs from Impossible Foods US, saying it will come at a cost. In his fast-casual chain Bobby's Burger Palace, the check is on average at $ 11.

"Compared to what we serve from the beef standpoint, so to speak, from a regular burger, compared to something like the Impossible Burger … the Impossible Burger is about three times the cost of us," he said. "Then of course we would have to pass this on to our customers."

That does not mean that Bobby's Burger Palace does not offer a vegetarian option. There are vegetarian burgers, but there is a difference between these and the newer options, Flay said.

Vegetarian burgers are made from chickpeas, beans and cereals, he said. Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, which has risen sharply in the public market since its debut on May 2, both try to emulate how flesh looks and tastes.

In the market, the cost of my fast-casual restaurants has been a bit prohibitive so far, "said Flay.

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