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celebrity chef Mario Batali is expected to be charged with assault

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By Phil Helsel

Celebrity Chef Mario Batali is expected on According to a spokesman for the Suffolk County Procuratorate on Wednesday scheduled Friday on the district court in Boston, the deputy spokesman for Suffolk County, Renee Nadeau, committed an indecent assault and battery charge Algarin said in a statement to NBC Boston.

Algarin said the alleged incident occurred at a restaurant in Back Bay on March 31, 2017, without further explaining the allegations.

The Boston Globe reported on Wednesday that it filed a complaint in a lawsuit On April 4, a woman police told her that she had seen Batali in the Towne Stove and Spirits on Boylston Street and was trying to make a selfie about herself to take the shoulder, with the celebrity chef in the background.

Batali reportedly came across the woman, the The Globe reported. The woman allegedly apologized and Batali said it was okay and offered to take a selfie, the globe said.

The woman reportedly told the police that Batali then grabbed her breast, kissed her and touched her without consent Globe volunteered. After retiring, Batali allegedly "continued to pull at her face" and then asked if she wanted to go to his hotel room, and she declined it according to the newspaper. A Massachusetts woman filed a lawsuit in August, in which similar charges were filed Allegations were listed in the same restaurant, reported NBC Boston. It was not immediately clear whether the allegations in the displayed complaint and in the civil action related to the same person and the same incident.

A lawyer speaking in Batali's name said in a statement to NBC Boston that Batali denies the allegations.

"Mr. Batali denies the allegations both in this lawsuit and in the civil suit filed last August," said lawyer Anthony Fuller in the statement to the broadcaster on Wednesday night. He intends to vigorously combat the allegations, and we assume that the result fully confirms Mr Batali.

Batali was fired from ABC's "The Chew" in December 2017 and has been absent from the ongoing operations of his stores after the Foodie website reported allegations of sexual misconduct to Eater.com.

Batali apologized After these allegations were reported in December, they said, "Much of the behavior described is in line with my behavior. This behavior was wrong and there are no apologies. "

In March, Batali was bought out of his restaurant group, said Tanya Bastianich Manuali and Joe Bastianich of the Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group When he reached an agreement with Bastianich and had no stake in the group, he wished Bastianich all the best. 19659015] Phil Helsel is a reporter for NBC News.

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