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Celtic’s’ Router of Raptors’ won’t mean anything in the playoffs, ‘said Brad Stevens

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida – The Boston Celtics may have played their best game of the 2019-20 season on Friday, beating the Toronto Raptors 122-100 with a result even more one-sided than the final score suggests.

After that, Celtics coach Brad Stevens didn̵

7;t want to do more winning laps, and in a few weeks there was no potential rematch against Toronto in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

“This game won’t mean anything if we get that opportunity again,” said Stevens. “They are a really good team. And I thought they missed a lot of candid looks and just weren’t their night.

“I thought our boys played well. But in a few weeks it won’t mean anything.”

It couldn’t. But Boston’s win means the Celtics have won the season 3-1 against their rivals in the Atlantic Division, putting them ahead of the truly fascinating streak between these two teams if they manage to meet in the playoffs in the east .

Toronto won’t want any of these games to look like this from afar, as the Raptors – who won their last four games in the NBA bubble at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex – were heavily throttled by the Celtics from the start Finished. Boston controlled the game from the start, but after Toronto closed at eight early on game day three, the Celtics defeated the Raptors 36-12 for the remainder of the quarter and rose 91-57 after three quarters, prompting Toronto coach Nick Nurse to do so Pull out his appetizers and wave the white flag.

“It was hard to score,” Nurse said of his team, who shot 43% out of the field and 26% out of 3-point range. “It’s one of those evenings that I didn’t feel like that. I think we had 19 3s in the first half and I’m trying to figure out which ones I shouldn’t have taken. There could have been one.” that we had to throw up or something, a shot clock deal. The rest of them were pretty good, and I think we hurt that we didn’t knock any of them down. It got us a little discouraged.

“We defended pretty well early on, similar to last night, but we just couldn’t get any insult to energize us. Give them credit, they moved, they were active but you have to step in and do some those shots when you want to beat a good team. “

Toronto had stepped into that game and dominated the teams defensively, but the Celtics managed to break free throughout the game, shooting 49% off the field and hitting 16 3-pointers to create more than enough separation to bring about a win reach. Jaylen Brown led all scorers with 20 points and guarded the other end of Toronto star Pascal Siakam (11 points in 5v15 shooting).

“I think Pascal had a lot of really good opportunities, you know what I mean?” Said the nurse. “It wasn’t like he wasn’t taking his chances and he had a really open look and even some good drives that I thought were patient and composed and got good shots. Some nights they just don’t go in. And for the rest no one else has closed the gap. “

As a result, the Celtics cruised to the most formidable win within the bubble to date – even if Stevens was again very lucky to admit it.

“Well, Wednesday morning I didn’t think we were very good,” Stevens said, referring to Boston’s loss the night before to a Miami Heat team that didn’t have a Jimmy Butler. “So I’m not sure if I only got two nights of sleep changed. We have played a little better in the last two games but we still have a long way to go to get where we want to be. “

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