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Celtics vs. Heat Score, Takeout: Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum help Boston dominate Game 3 against Miami

If the Boston Celtics went down 3-0 in the Eastern Conference final, it wouldn’t be because the Miami Heat would set the terms for engagement. Three and a half minutes after Game 3 of the final of the Eastern Conference on Friday, they hit the edge three times. By the end of the third quarter, they had 50 points in the Heat 22 color.

Unlike Game 2, the Celtics’ offense did not stagnate when Miami moved into the 2-3 zone. They made quick decisions, taking advantage of the heat’s aggressiveness against them, and attacking the color on purpose. With a 117-106 win, Boston is 2-1

in the series.

Jaylen Brown was a maniac on defense and played perhaps his best all-round game of the playoffs. He finished the 11-on-17 shooting with 26 points plus seven rebounds, five assists, three steals and a block in 42 minutes. Jayson Tatum had 25 points, 14 rebounds and eight assists. Kemba Walker added 21 points in 8v16 shooting.

Miami only shot 33-85 but held out until the last minute. Center Bam Adebayo had 27 points in 10v14 shooting as well as 16 rebounds, three blocks and two steals. From the bench, Tyler Herro scored 22 points and made four assists, but did almost all of the damage in the first half.

Boston led at half time with 13 points and in the third with 19 points. The Heat took an 11-1 lead at the end of the third quarter and briefly threatened a comeback that sank the Celtics in each of the first two games. Boston responded with a 7-0 run, and by the start of the fourth quarter the lead was back to 19.

Miami managed to make it interesting towards the end of the fourth half, bringing the deficit down to five points, but it’s tough to get a win from behind when you shoot 4:26 from 3-point range in the second half.

Here are three food stalls:

1. If you keep doing this …

Every NBA team is desperate for big wings that can hold multiple places. Regardless of position, each team tries to stack their roster with players who can dribble, pass, and shoot. In the broadest sense, Boston is blessed to have two previous No. 3 picks that fit these descriptions.

But the Celtics have championship potential because Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown can play games like This when they are needed most. When a single sequence served as the microcosm of the evening, Brown would take a quick break with a block on Goran Dragic and Tatum ended it with a powerful dunk.

The best part of this piece? Brown’s ridiculously quick recovery after Dragics forged ball. He was all over Game 3, forcing turnovers and putting pressure on Miami’s defense without being reckless with the ball.

Tatum and Brown understood that they had to get Miami to respond to them. Most encouragingly, however, is that they didn’t force many bad shots. Neither is a given when it comes to creating for others at this stage of their respective careers, but they come along. And when they get stops and score in the transition, Boston is extremely hard to beat.

“We really wanted to attack,” said Stevens. “When we put it on the ground we want to get to the edge and play a game for ourselves or others. And if we don’t put the ball under defensive pressure while we’re waiting to be attacked, we stink. So, could be the same put the pressure on and see if we can be good. “

Stevens said he didn’t mind that the Celtics lost the game on Thursday. For him, it was more about how they lost and who the Celtics would show up afterward. If this is who they are – and this is how Tatum and Brown will perform – Miami will have to be at a much higher level than in Game 3.

2. Hay, hay

Boston looked like itself again, with Gordon Hayward back on the line-up for the first time since his right ankle sprained in Game 1 of the first round. Hayward came from the bank and his presence made any bank statement significantly better than it otherwise would have been.

After a month off, Hayward didn’t offensively steal the show. It just fitted into what the Celtics were doing, ran pick and rolls, moved without a ball, and served as a connector. Boston went to its centerless lineup a couple of times – Walker, Hayward, Brown, Tatum, and Marcus Smart – and the sheer amount of gimmicks on the court was evident.

“Having him back is everything,” said Tatum, describing the team as more dynamic, versatile and “so much better” with Hayward on the field.

Stevens didn’t expect Hayward to play 31 minutes but some nasty problems made it necessary and the longer break made it tenable. He only scored six points in 2v7, but had four assists, five rebounds, three steals and a block.

“He’s a stabilizing force for our team,” said Sevens. “He can just play the right game and play for someone else at the right time.”

For example, after about three minutes, Boston was 10 points ahead and it seemed like the heat was about to stop. The Celtics had used most of the shot clock to gain an advantage but failed to do so until Hayward Walker pitched 3 for a drive-and-kick corner.

3. Super Herro?

It’s amazing that the heat only fell between 63 and 50 at halftime, considering how little they had aggressively ahead of them. Boston started the game with Smart Guarding Dragic, an adaptation that is clearly aimed at disrupting Dragic-Adebayo’s pick-and-roll.

Although Adebayo was fantastic, it succeeded – Dragic couldn’t find a rhythm. Jimmy Butler wasn’t particularly confident either, and without Herro’s exploits, the first half would have been a disaster for Miami.

Herro scored 18 points in 6v10 in the first half, including 4v6 from deep. In a distance of two minutes and 17 seconds he made four jumpers in a row, three of them behind the arch.

Boston should be happy to see how Herro narrowed it down in the second half, however, and the Heat needs to find out what’s going on with their sluggish starts. Miami may have the lead in the series but its offensive issues are increasingly worrying. The Celtics played a smarter, more aggressive game on Saturday, and the heat has a few days to figure out how to react in a similar way.

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