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Century City Mall: LAPD is clear on man with gun, suspicious package

CENTURY CITY, LOS ANGELES (KABC) – An evacuation in a Century City mall was lifted on Friday, according to a report by a man with a gun and a suspected package.

After several hours of investigation, Los Angeles police said there was no evidence of a gunshot, and bomb squad officials found that a suspect box on the scene was not explosive.

The evacuees were returned to the mall shortly after 5.30pm.

Nobody was immediately arrested or arrested, but there is a suspicion that a person has lit the box. Investigators said no injuries had been reported.

It all started just before 1pm. Los Angeles police said the officers were misplaced with a weapon into a suspicious box in the Amazon Store while searching for a reported man. The video from AIR7 HD showed smoke from the Amazon Store. It is unclear what was in the box.

The box began to smoke when a person described by witnesses as a man wearing a green scarf and bushy hair left the Amazon store. The authorities are watching a surveillance video to see if that person has set the package on fire.

Around 2:30 pm The LAPD urged residents to stay calm and leave the location. Images sent to the Eyewitness Newsroom showed customers staying in the H & M basement. After being held there for about two hours, they were later evacuated.

During the incident, all available police equipment, including the bomb squad, was sent to the mall.

Authorities cleared out the mall safely. Many buyers and employees were escorted to the next exit. The nearby Beverly Hills High School was shut down as a precautionary measure due to an incident, the Beverly Hills Police Department said.

It was a terrible situation for many people.

"I had just done my job and then I saw my colleagues running, and he said, 'Drop everything and run' and we were just running out of the door.When we ran out of the door, we heard a shot, and then I saw the security and the guards said I should just keep running and keep going, "said Gisell Lopez shopping center employee.

Florida's former Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum was in the mall, spending hours indoors. He tweeted live during the incident and shared a video after leaving.

"It made me very emotional to reflect on the fact that my three children and many children out there are being trained every day in these exercises in our schools, and we as a society have become so desensitized that we even utter the words and thinking that you're fleeing from a potential shooter – that's normal, it's not normal, it's not okay, "he said.

The police set up a perimeter around the mall and closed Santa Monica Boulevard due to the investigation. It has since been reopened.

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