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CEO resigned, dismissed staff at Ohio Hospital, where doctor is accused of murder

The Ohio hospital, in which a doctor reportedly prescribed excessive and potentially lethal doses of painkillers and caused murder charges in 25 patients, announced Thursday that it has laid off nearly two dozen employees and its chief executive officer following the hospital will resign scandal.

The 23 members of Mount Carmel's Columbus healthcare system include five members of the healthcare, nursing and pharmacy management, hospital officials said. Another employee was on administrative leave, while 11 others, not among the 23 dismissed, were allowed to return to work.

Mount Carmel President and CEO Ed Lamb will resign on July 25. Mount Carmel

Ed Lamb, CEO of the hospital since November 2016, announces his resignation by July 25, nearly two months after William Husel, a former intensive care physician, after six months of investigation by Franklin County Public prosecutor had 25 deaths.

In addition, another officer of Mount Carmel, dr. Richard Streck, the executive vice president and chief clinical officer, will retire in late September, Lamb said.

A temporary CEO was not appointed immediately.

"It will take time for Mount Carmel to restore the trust of our patients and the community," Lamb said in a statement, adding that the hospital has "made major changes throughout the system and will continue to do so." To make sure our colleague s provide the best possible care. "

The decision to bring back some employees is" significant, "said Lamb, but" all those who were involved in the review process are confident that these individuals are in the clinical Retire care. "

The patient's deaths have uncovered an astonishing case of medical oversight and alleged medical misconduct and questioned how repeated failures involving 30 or more employees remained unchecked for so long.

Husel pleaded guiltless and was released after his arrest on June 5. If convicted, he faces 15 years in prison. Husel's lawyer denied that the doctor had attempted to kill one of his patients, most of them older and already in poor health, saying he had never tried to put them to sleep.

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