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Change Owner Select to play EA games on other platforms, says the company's CEO


Even the mere mention of EA can lead to an almost unparalleled level of upset in our comments. The publisher is widely expected by Nintendo fans because of its lack of commitment to Switch and earlier platforms, and it does not help that games that appear on the console are often a smaller, watered down version of the full version meal on competing systems.

EA's website currently lists only four games for the console, and the upcoming FIFA 20 will be a "Legacy Edition," meaning that it does not contain any of the new features are available on other platforms. Company CEO Andrew Wilson has outlined the reasons for Lack's lack of support. His answer comes from a question dealing with the possibility that The Sims will arrive on Nintendo's machine in the future:

"Every time we evaluate platform conversations, we really look at a few things , First, does the game really fit into this platform in terms of governance or the community ecosystem? Secondly, do we think the community playing on this platform appreciates the game, or do you prefer to play it somewhere else?

"We have a lot of data that suggests that a lot of switch owners also own a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One or a PC and very often choose to play the games we use on those platforms even though they have a switch and enjoy a lot of great content on the switch. "

According to Wilson, corporate data suggests that owners of switches prefer to play EA games on other consoles, which is more likely to be one Reason is to avoid Switch altogether. However, it is a frustrating reaction and an even more frustrating situation. Of course, if the games are not released in a high-quality state on Switch, the fans will of course choose different versions, and this will drive EA further away from Switch in the future. Apparently the whole situation is in an endless cycle.

What do you think about the situation? Do you prefer to play EA games on platforms other than your switch? Would it be more likely that you would buy these games on Switch if they were equivalent to their peers? Tell us your thoughts below.

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