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Chargers need to take a look at their future at QB. Philip Rivers admits that he has to "cut out" a lot of eavesdropping attempts

The harsh reality of football does not last long in sports, but there are some instances when a player outshines chances and not just extends the life of his NFL career – they make it an epic one. This was the case with Philip Rivers, who is in his 16th season as quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers, but Father Time has been sending him a calendar alarm lately.

The 37-year-old stares suddenly at the dreaded wall of sharp decline, which prevailed in 2019 to the best of his ability, but his efforts fail miserably. It's possible that Rivers can still find some glittering examples of why he's a legend in the Chargers organization, but his bad game has left him with only five more chances, as Los Angeles may miss the playoffs ; and much of the blame would fall on his shoulder pads.

Rivers sat 4: 6 and urgently needed a win over Kansas City's leading bosses in "Monday Night Football" in the red zone after the chargers were driven across the field to face overtime. Unfortunately for Rivers, his game in Mexico City can not be excused as anomalous, because he threw three interceptions and once fumbled in the defeat of last week against another division rivals in the Oakland Raiders, and even that's not the end of the story in Regards his struggles.

In the last four games, Rivers has only four touchdowns to eight interceptions associated with the two fumble, barely exceeding 60% accuracy and an average pedestrian rating of 69.8. The eight-time Pro Bowler knows that after losing to the Chiefs through 24:1

7, he has been involved in a torpedo aimed at the playoff hopes of the Chargers.

"If you could only vote and never throw [interceptions] I would choose to zero," he said of ESPN. "Well I do not want to throw her, but I know it hurts us right now, so of course I have to cut her out."

That's to say the least, and while head coach Anthony Lynn believes that not every sales is He is accountable to Rivers and knows that there are too many of them.

"Philip only needs to make better sales," Lynn said. "Well, if you look at his turnovers, it's not always on the quarterback, I mean, sometimes the quarterback gets hit too late, or sometimes a receiver can slip off, so you can not put all those bets on Philip, but his Turnover is slightly higher than I would like.

"He knows that. And we have to improve in this time.

This all raises the obvious question of the future of Rivers with the chargers, as history dictates that his happier days are behind him, even if some of them have taken place in one year. Very impressive 2018 season

At his age, NFL quarterbacks who are talented and fortunate enough to last so long usually encounter the aforementioned wall, like legends like Peyton Manning lately Proving his last season and the fact that Eli Manning – who has sent Manning to the New York Giants and Rivers to Southern California in 2014 thanks to the infamous draft-day trade – will be forever connected to Rivers, have the most Time sitting on the bench The 2019 season. Even Tom Brady does not look like him lately, as his leading defense puts most of the load on the way to a 9-1 record r New England Patriots has taken over.

That's not the case to say that rivers are necessarily done in the NFL, but it does provide the chargers the opportunity to talk with the club about its future. Rivers will be 38 in December and will not be under contract for the 2020 season. The team is currently well on the way to a top 10 selection when April is around the corner. This puts them in the best position to secure a future franchise quarterback, and, something else to keep in mind, it's a pretty strong design class at the position.

You can also bet that there will be one or two curveballs in the top 10. One of them is likely that Tua Tagovailoa will fall a bit off his predicted first choice after his hip injury at the end of the season, which may give the Chargers the chance to land him – if not another top talent.

Indeed, a viable conversation, and an owner Dean Spanos and General Manager Tom Telesco will be thinking about it over the coming weeks and months, but Lynn will terminate the contract and discuss the discussions in the front office for the time being. For his part, he is the fiery head coach who works feverishly to prevent a season that ends after 16 games.

"I do not have the luxury of thinking about Philip and the future and his contract," Lynn said. "I'm concentrating on preparing for the next game and the Denver Broncos, which will be done by the end of the season, but right now we're just trying to end the season on a positive note."

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Rivers, always the consummate heavyweight contender, and up to the last blow do not give up.

"The only way I know is to fight, and we'll just keep fighting," said Rivers. "You sign up for everyone regardless of your record, we've been to this place and you just keep playing, you never know what can happen, but whether that happens or not, you just keep fighting."

It is true that the Chargers were already on-site, and recently, having started the 2017 season with a 3-5 record before landing at 9-7, they missed out on the playoffs this year. and that was with a younger and apparently stronger river. He still has a chance to bounce back with the uncomfortable Denver Broncos next, followed by a battling Jacksonville Jaguar in Week 14, but he is then pushed into another tank to end the regular season. Weeks 15-17 involve struggles with the fierce Minnesota Vikings and rebel struggles with the Raiders and Chiefs, making it difficult to fathom rivers and the Chargers using enough artillery to shoot until January.

Even if they win, which is very unlikely to finish with 9-7 and probably will not secure an AFC wildcard slot – Colors of the Year 2017 – which in turn is the inevitable question of the future of Rivers in the city the angel is posing. With no contract in tow and Lynn himself sitting in the hot seat, meaning he has to decide whether to risk his next year with a possibly declining QB, it's time for the Chargers to face reality.

One possibility would be to commit him to a one-year contract, giving them time to get used to a top-draft pick. During the season, the door is open for bankers.

Rivers is undoubtedly an NFL legend and probably a Hall of Famer, but the bell is always ringing – without any mistakes or forgiveness.

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