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Chargers "Philip Rivers at night with 4 turnovers -" Of course I have to cut them out "

MEXICO CITY – Los Angeles Chargers quarterback, Philip Rivers, knows he's playing his team games for his sales.

In 11 games, however, Rivers did not find the magical elixir.

"It's a football game," he said. "If you could just pick and choose them and never throw, I would throw zero. Well, I do not want to throw it, but I know it hurts us right now. So obviously I have to cut her out.

Rivers finished the defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night with four interceptions, including a dagger in the final offensive play for the Chargers, with whom he overthrew Austin Ekeler in the final zone Daniel Sorensen, who passed the ball into Kansas City's hands Safety dropped

Rivers threw three interceptions against the Oakland Raiders last week, making it the first Chargers quarterback since Erik Kramer in 1999, who scored at least three interceptions in consecutive games.

Rivers has 14 interceptions in the series Season and 16 total sales, the most he has had in a season since 2016.

Priority for Chargers coach Anthony Lynn when he took over in 2017 was to curtail sales.Rivers did in the first two years Work done better under Lynn, but has declined this season.

"Philip only has to perform better in terms of sales," says e Lynn. "Well, if you look at his sales, it's not always on the quarterback. I mean, sometimes the quarterback is hit too late, or sometimes a receiver can slip off, so you can not put all those sales on Philip. [19659002] "But his turnovers are a bit higher than I would like, he knows it, and we need to improve in that area – point."

A team that expects to start the season, talking for a Super Bowl To run, the Chargers dropped to 4: 7 and out of the playoff competition with the loss on Monday.

All seven charger losses this season were down seven or fewer points. The Chargers are the first team since the packers of 2005, who lost seven games in the first eleven games of seven or fewer points The season.

This is associated with most such losses in the first eleven games of a team in the Super Bowl era.

Rivers has lost 61 games by seven or fewer points as a starting quarterback, most of those losses in the Super Bowl era. The next on the list is Vinny Testaverde with 59.

Rivers will be in December 38 and will be in the final year of his contract. However, Lynn is unwilling to turn his attention to 2020.

"I do not have the luxury of thinking about Philip and the future and his contract," Lynn said. "I'm concentrating on preparing for the next match and the Denver Broncos at the end of the season But right now we're just trying to end the season on a positive note. "

Like Lynn, Rivers is unwilling to relinquish the squadron as the Chargers embark on their farewell week.

"All I know is that we have to fight and we'll just keep fighting," said Rivers, "We've been to this place before and you just keep on playing, you never know what's going to happen, but if that happens or not , you just keep fighting.

"That's the beauty of this game. Believe me, although it hurts, we know that we all play as a team and what our goals are. This game is much more than just a game between the lines. It's the things you learn, the tenacity, and all the things you have to work on to be a better person, man, husband, and father in one of those places. I'm definitely in one of these places. You just keep fighting. "

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