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Charlize Theron is roasted by celebrity friends at the American Cinematheque Awards

LOS ANGELES – Charlize Theron struggles with compliments.

When she was honored Friday night at the American Cinematheque Awards, most celebrity friends of the "Bombshell" star appeared to roast them.

Seth MacFarlane, starring Theron in "One Million Ways to Die in the West," launched the night with an unrestricted set.

When they were filming "A Million Ways" in a remote location, MacFarlane recalled that he had been given a roughly administered B-12 shot by a local paramedic, "a massive bruise on mine for the next few days Left arm ". "And during that time, Charlize liked to come up to me when I was distracted and struck the bruise, which happened many dozen times, and I let out a cry to which she replied, 'Suck it up, princess!' ; "[19659002]" While for many men Charlize will always be the fantasy of her dreams, for me she's the abusive alcoholic father I've never had, "MacFarlane cried.

  Charlize Theron attends the 33rd American Cinematheque Awards on November. 8.

Seth Rogen, who co-starred with Theron in this year's "Long Shot" Rom-Com, admitted that it's hard to properly roast the Oscar winner. "Honestly, the worst thing I can say about Charlize is that I'm the best person they can imagine," he cracked.

Rogen continued, "Charlize is frankly very difficult to mock, she has it I do not know, it's funny for me He seems like he can not understand a joke, so – I should guard myself All I need is to be included in the long list of (people) that Sean Penn hit in the face. "

Then it was Kristen Stewart's turn. "You look really good tonight, dude, I like it," Stewart cracked, dropping a Dior joke (Theron was long the face of the J & # 39; Adore fragrance of the French fashion house).

  Seth Rogen, Charlize Theron and David Oyelowo played backstage at the American Cinematheque Awards on Friday night. Seriously, Stewart said that her experience with Theron in "Snow White and the Huntsman" 2012 stayed with her. "That sounds hellish gay - and gay I mean incredibly cool - it made me believe in magic when I worked with her, like in a silly Snow White movie." </p>
<p class= Jason Reitman, who directed Theron in "Young Adult" and "Tully," noted how uncomfortable all the praise for the star must have been.

  Kristen Stewart has roasted Charlize Theron's Friday night.

"She has no time for nonsense. If you ever want to test this, try it here, look at this … You're So Pretty, "Reitman honked the horn and made Theron cover her face and give him a middle finger salute.

When Theron finally arrived When she entered the stage at the Beverly Hilton, she shared the incredulous feeling that the Black Tie affair, which had become a notable break for stars with big movies on the way to the awards ceremony

"I'm really overwhelmed with gratitude for the whole evening … but that's not something I'm comfortable with," said Theron, who was on stage in the same ballroom where The Golden Globes were held. "Listening to people say nice things about you – do not get me wrong, it's great, but it does not always feel right. … because I know the truth. I know that so much of what brought me to this stage is happiness and the kindness of others.

Theron says yes, she has worked hard and overcome difficulties over the years, "but luck has played a big role, and I'll never forget that. "

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