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Charlize Theron on the education of 2 black children in the current social climate

Charlize Theron is proud to be socially aware not only for herself but also for her children.

The star of Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody's new drama Tully opened Elle Elle for her cover story in May, talking to Chelsea Handler about how she got the current one US social climate navigated as a mother of two black children: August, 2½, and Jackson, 6.

"Being educated During the apartheid era in South Africa, I was so focused on equality and human rights," says Theron. "Of course, I have two black children, but that has always been something I was passionate about, I do not even know how to talk about the last year under our new government."

"But racism is much livelier and better, when people thought we can not deny it anymore, we have to be loud, "the star continues. "There are places in this country where, if I had a job, I would not take it, I would not travel to some parts of America with my children, and that's really problematic."

Explains Theron, 42: "There are many times when I look at my children, and I think, if that is so [leave America]" For the last thing I want is for my children to feel insecure. "

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The Atomic Blonde star reveals that while their children are still young, they are definitely talking about the challenges in their world – and how they can build their character.

"I want that they know who they are and I want them to be so proud of who they are, "says Theron. "Building self-confidence is an oath I made when I brought them home, they need to know where they come from and be proud of them."

She explains, "But they need to know that it's for them It's a different climate than mine, and how unfair that is.If I can do something about it, I'll, of course. "

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Theron admits that she may have "bad days" and "make mistakes" as a parent ("Going through the tantrums when they are so small holes," she says), never regretting them becoming a single mom.

Luckily she has a "village" helping her raise her children, including a nanny, "amazing friends and family" and her mother, who lives just down the street.

"I knew my mother would have to help me if I were to do so as a lone parent," says Theron. "To not acknowledge her, if I raised my children together, would be a lie, jokingly saying, 'To be a grandparent is what I was born for.'

Add the star: 'I was like, & # 39; Yo, bitch! And me? Would not it raise me? I am your child! "But I am so happy that I have it, I would feel pretty much alone if I did not have a criminal partner in all of that."

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"I had a lot of mothers coming to me and telling me that I'm screwing everything up," she says. "My two kids grew up with the formula, and I remember a mom who told me, 'You should really buy breastmilk.' And I thought, 'What?! & # 39 This is a line you just do not cross. " [196592002] "My Elder just started a big school, she's not even been there for a full year, so I have not gotten into school all that time," Theron says. "The good thing about me is that I've never thought about what people think, this is my only quality that probably helped me to be a mother."

Tully opens the 4th May may be in cinemas nationwide.

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