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Charlize Theron SFFILM tribute: How the "Tully" star got hard and fat

Written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jason Reitman, "Tully" is a sequel to "Young Adult," and yes, "Atomic Blonde" has a sequel.

Statuesque South African movie star and SFFILM tribute recipient Charlize Theron performed in rocking leather shorts at the San Francisco Castro Theater on April 8, watching every corner of the fearless actress and producer, from the real serial killer Aileen Wuornos to the depressed mother of three Marlo Moreau starred in Jason Reitman's "Tully". However, as she has shown in our extensive conversation, appearances can be deceptive.

"Tully" (Focus Features, May 4) is her second collaboration with screenwriter Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman; Roger Ebert described her first "Young Adult" (Paramount, 201

1) as a "fearless character study," in which Theron was not just "one of the best actors to work", but also "flawless." "

Theron was never afraid of her dark side, describing a recent wave of femme evil as her" slippery period ", including the evil queen in" Snow White and the Hunter "one-armed emperor Furiosa in "Mad Max: Fury Road" and the tough powerhouse women in Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" and F. Gary Gray's global blockbuster "Fate of the Furious"

Theron has since produced 16 projects "Monster, including the Netflix series" Mindhunter, "which she brought back with David Fincher and designed the director of" Zodiac, "could be as obsessed with serial killers as she is. "We are preparing for the second season," she said. "Dream big, motherfuckers!"

Theron's first language was Afrikaans; She had to brush up on her English when she moved to New York at 19 to study at Joffrey Ballet. Previously, she worked as a model in Milan to escape her crushing education outside of Johannesburg. (Famous was her mother shot and killed her abusive, alcoholic father in self-defense when she was 16.) All Theron originally sought by actors, she told the crowd at the often profane tribute, "was to pay my rent and not have to waitress

  Charlize Theron in Amazing 7 Minutes

Charlize Theron in Amazing Seven-Minute Action Scene "Atomic Blonde"

Jonathan Prime

Early Dance training boosted Theron's athletic ability. Her mother put her in a ballet class at four o'clock. She was a natural actress. "The dance that gave me was a safe place to explore it," she said. "It was innocent, and later it was a place to escape my domestic life and the trauma of being a teenager, I could use my body to work through things, it gave me a great understanding of the space, which I pick up, and the power I had in that room, and how much you can say with a wave of your hand or how to move your head. "

She used that strength on" Fury Road "and even more on martial artists" Atomic Blonde ". "I have the muscle memory, but I have not done that for years," she said. I have the discipline, Dance teaches you that I do not like people telling me that I can not do something I live in this environment "

After a hard day on which she took hits, she went home and when her two kids (now two and six) jumped on her and poked her knees in her ribs, she fought tears. Her mother asked her, "Is it really worth it?"

Yeah, she told the cinema, "We're working on a sequel."

"Two Days in the Valley"

Paramount [19659003] When she looks back on her early years in films such as "Two Days in the Valley," she recalls being "naive." If only she said that the moves #MeToo and #TimesUp happened 20 or 40 years ago! "

" When I was on set for the first time, I remember not knowing anything, "she said," From that moment on, I was, 'What's a sign, what's a baby on a stick?' I was fascinated by everything, I was fortunate to have producers who will not belittle me and become mentors and lead me through the world's first decade of my career.

Theron thanked her late manager JJ Harris, who brought her "monster", whom Theron did not believe she could, said, "I wanted because of the fear I had, & # 39; Monster & # 39; to produce. I've been to the leg so many times and no one has ever protected me. Patty and I had a great partnership that jumped off the cliff together. She was a filmmaker for the first time. I realized that if I complained about it, I had to do it myself. "

Her two Oscar nominations come from women-run films, and she won the Oscar as serial killer Aileen Wuorno's" Monster, "becoming the first South African to win a major acting category, and was also nominated for Niki Caro's Sexual Harassment Drama "North Country."

She Also Risked With Karyn Kusama on action actress "Aeon Flux," Lynne Ramsay is currently "persecuting", she said, "People are confusing this rich pool of talent, that we have, but if these people play on one level, why should not we do that? Do you want to be there? Hopefully there will be more opportunities now. I try to offer many of these opportunities with my company. "

Theron is excited about the changes in Hollywood and hopes they will move elsewhere." I believe things will change with this movement, there's no turning back, "she said." And it's a big one Role to play with all of you out there, to clap and tell your stories, and all who come. It's not just our industry; they are women brave enough to take over our lives, not to eliminate things that we are too ashamed of or feel bothered by. We are all part of them. That's what makes it so powerful. It happens everywhere. It's more than women's roles, we need more female directors, cinematographers, editors, sound mixers. "

Inequality was never acceptable to Theron." As a child growing up in apartheid, I had no power, I was a privileged white person, "she said." I've made a deal with myself that I'll never again whether it's gender equality or homosexual marriage. And if there is no female sound operator who can visit me, I have a problem with it.

  The actress Charlize Theron points to a photo of her children, August Theron and Jackson Theron, while posing for a portrait to promote women's March on Main at the Music Lodge during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UtahAPTOPIX 2017 Sundance Film Festival - Women's March in the Main Portraits, Park City, USA - Jan 21, 2017

Charlize Theron shows on a photo of her children, August and Jackson Theron

Taylor Jewell / Invision / AP / REX / Shutterstock [19659003] As for Frances McDormand's "inclusion rider" Oscar speech, "Can I say how much I love this damned woman?" Theron said. "She's my damn hero. I sent her a panty that day, after she won, printed, "Yes, I'm a damned woman." She perceived that moment and realized the climate we are in right now. It did not feel politicized or offensive; it felt real and raw and true. It was a difficult task. She has united us and has now changed the thought process, including me. For anyone who has a production company or films, we have to think differently. We must. "

Theron has never been so fun mixing studio and indie projects." I read a good story, I do not care what the genre is, "she said." Sometimes a good movie does not fit into one Box. If I said, "I can not do that because it's an action movie, I would never have done George Miller's" Mad Max: Fury Road. "

The iconic primal scream in "Fury Road" was not originally in the storyboards, she said. "It came from a conversation I had with George about what was at stake, the agony of losing everything and what it looks and feels like, some directors will patiently listen to me and nothing will happen, but with George he heard what I said and he shot the weather in Namibia was brutal, we shot this whole scene with a crew of eight in a few takes.

You're so happy, a moment as an actor having your environment so powerful, you just have to get involved in it, "she said. "I had been shooting this movie for six months, I was very tired and maybe I would not have had the best experience with my Costar."

"Was that Tom Hardy, maybe?" I asked.

She smiled. "So … bring your childhood and it just happens!"

  No merchandising. For editorial use only. No Book Cover Usage.Mandatory Credit: Photo by Denver and Delilah Prods./Ko/REX/Shutterstock (5882868n) Charlize Theron, Jason Reitman Young Adult - 2011 Director: Jason Reitman Denver and Delilah Productions USA On / Off Set

Charlize Theron, Jason Reitman on the set of "Young Adult"


At the Oscars, Theron was detained near Reitman for a year and told him how much they worked with him wanted. He came back with Cody's shabby portrait of a woman who refused to grow up, "Young Adult," which hit Theron "like a slap in the face" until they spoke. "Diablo writes from a real place and cleans," she said. "It's scary to read something that's so raw and real, not the one you're used to, most of the scripts I read are covered with softer, rounded edges."

The three employees are "About the same age," Theron said. "And we have a special sense of humor, with different backgrounds and worlds, but somehow, when we all sit together at one table, it works … [Jason] finds the flaws in people who are not so pretty and shows them in a non-exploitative way that you can touch and be familiar with, we had a conversation about "chicken wings", things that women do in our bras to push our tits up and they poke our skin and are very painful to peel off Never said before, he said, "Cool, I'm talking about it!"

Theron read "Tully" when her second adopted baby was six or seven months old and it was a stomach bang: "It was when you thought you'll never get out of this dark tunnel when you're not sleeping." I know! "[“Tully”] is about so much more than motherhood, it's about postpartum depression, but it's really about a woman finding herself and making peace by ending a chapter in her life to make room for that It's like a sequel to "Young Adult." Much is not pretty. "

MacKenzie Davis (" Blade Runner 2049 ") plays the young night-girl coming to the exhausted new mother relieve. "She kicked my ass," Theron said. She had that gentle quality of ancient wisdom in her eyes that was associated with utter naivety. Working with such an actor is a challenge, it keeps you busy. "

  TULLY - Official Teaser Trailer - In Theaters April 20

" Tully "


After Getting Into the Best As" Atomic Blonde, "Theron won £ 50 for" Tully "in three months In order to provide the new mother with little time, money, or energy, Theron did not want to use dentures, she ate cheeseburgers and sugar. "I wanted to feel like I was the character, I'm in her body," she said. I've never dealt with depression all my life but with so much sugar and processed foods that I started losing my mind. I was so depressed, I could not sleep. I'm not a method actor, and suddenly I became one.

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