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Chasing Red Dead Redemption Unresolved Secrets Before Sequel – Variety

Somewhere in the middle of Gaptooth Ridge, tucked away in the vast southwestern landscape of the original Red Dead Redemption, is the ghost town of Tumbleweed. The deserted saloon, church, and prison tell the story of a settlement that has been abandoned by westward expansion, although some strange paranormal activity suggests that some residents have never left.

Every day when you walk through the dusty remains of old buildings You hear people scream, dogs bark and even see footprints in a villa on the outskirts. It's a place, next to some other weird places spread out across Rockstar's fictional territory of the United States and Mexico, that have attracted the attention of players who have been busily engaged in the "unearthly secrets of Red Dead Redemption" Find.

Fairly moody to wander alone in Tumbleweed at night, and people reported that there was a spirit in the city. I think we've created a compelling field in which people's imagination goes the extra mile to see things that were not there, "says rock star San Diego's former art director Daren Bader, who worked on the original" Red Dead. " Redemption "has worked Variety ." I have mysteriously seen some online videos of footprints in the basement of the villa. It's either a mistake that was never fixed, or a ghost in the machine.

"Anyway, that was not intended," Bader added. "Although it's the best place to live this mistake."

While Rockstar's team described Tumbleweed as a ghost town, several NPCs said that the city's path through the city forced residents to leave some of the elements players noticed were not part of their design. "I think it was a result of creating such big, rich environments," Bader said. "We were very proud to capture the vastness of the open skies and hot, brutal deserts of the Southwest, as well as the weathered cities and buildings."

The open world of "Red Dead Redemption" inspired many intrigues of the players and urged them to explore the corners that did not cover the story of the game. Sometimes that meant looking for clues at campsites, and at other times letting the game idle for a couple of hours, letting the scary sounds go over John Marston's own tracks.

"I had a notebook that I would keep wandering in Tumbleweed. I spent a couple of hours making notes of what I had heard and experienced," said Kyle Loiacano, one of the many players who learned about the secrets of the game Game were dependent. "The system repeated itself, I would check every location on the map, the best ones were never involved in the story, old huts, ranches, abandoned camps that you passed while you were playing the campaign, but would probably never visit."

Some stories begin with a whispered conversation around the campfire, while others are driven only by the curiosity of the players. The wreck of the Serendipity shown in a mission was much more interesting when visited a second time. Hunters believed that the half-sunken, decaying steamer in Flat Iron Lake hid more secrets than the game.

NPCs mention several reasons why the boat has sunk – some say the captain's wife got him and killed him by hitting the ship (including himself and everyone else on board). Another source says the boat crashed into Mexican cliffs and was attacked before it was finally returned to American waters. A third story states that the boat was stranded in a shallow area of ​​the lake while it was surrounded by fog and when another crew came to the rescue, each passenger had mysteriously disappeared.

Even scarier, if you go on a Thursday night, you'll hear doors pop, moans and other eerie noises. However, the players have found in their investigation nothing else, what exactly are the intentions of the developer.

"We've kept our secrets smaller and more bizarre, with a Victorian atmosphere, like ghosts, ghosts and seances, stuff from the late 19th century," said Bader. "Rockstar likes to do things that leave room for interpretation."

Treasure hunters have not shot many stones in the eight years since the game was released, but one thing remains unresolved after all these years. The aptly named Mystery site, located near Repentance Rock, has been hounding players since its discovery in search of a resolution.

The find contains a deer coat with cryptic markings, surrounded by three rune stones with engraved symbols on the north, west and east sides of the coat. There is also a plate at the southern end of the area with carvings of a sun, a tall man, a devilish creature, a tree-like figure and what one considers a buffalo.

A handful of theories of what the symbols mean has evolved over time that the symbols could point to the camp of the Indians in Tall Trees. Another far-fetched theory states that the symbols could be used to summon Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of war, to help the natives fight the invading white settlers. A third indicates a link between the symbols and the abandoned Indian settlement of Mescalero, where a similar formation of rocks can be found.

"The nature of the site is still a mystery to which I still have fun time," Loiacano said. "There is a chance that one of the theories is right, maybe even more than one of them, but I personally like that we have no solution, and I think that where we are so close, people's creativity in the world is the only one Extensions that produce them are expanded. "

Many stories have their roots in the game itself, much like the stories of the demise of serendipity, while others are completely composed by the players. They do not always care if they're right, they just enjoy the open challenge.

CREDIT: Rockstar Games

"For me, finding complicated layers in a big story is a hobby and a passion," said Ryan Dillane, who has set up a site and subreddit to reveal secrets in the upcoming "Red Dead." Redemption 2 "to find. "I've done everything from the Chiliad Map and UFOs to my current goal See where it leads me."

All Rockstar games are known for this type of Easter eggs, with Mount Chiliad in "Grand Theft Auto V. "is most conspicuous. Players spent hundreds of hours stroking symbols over peaks of an in-game mountain. "I'd say I spent between 10 and 20 hours a week digging in this stuff," Dillane added. "It just depends on whether I'm on the track, the same goes for Red Dead Redemption 2, we'll be constantly rummaging through the first weeks and beyond."

As soon as "Red Dead Redemption 2" later This week, the hunters will come through the main story before you look into any track they can find. It is safe to say that they will be working hard to find secrets in every corner of an expanded version of the "Red Dead Redemption" card – though it is likely that they will still be hunting in eight years' time.

One of the greatest things we discovered and understood in the first Red Dead Redemption was that the world's physical movement was slower, and we had to reward you for taking in everything, "Bader said. Their fastest transportation method is a horse, and we really enjoyed creating a world that matched that pace. "

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