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CHECK: Is the flu season over?

Following the end of the flu season, the number of new cases falls from the peak of the season, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Flu Season Summary:

"We've seen a lot of Flu A, because the vaccine really did not work as well as we had hoped," said pediatrician Daniel McGee.

Although it is still early for doctors to say how deadly this season has been, they say there have been more deaths this year than in the last four flu seasons.

And many doctors warn that there may be a second peak of the flu season. 19659002] How Michigan Piles Up:

McGee said that Michigan follows the same trend as the majority of the country.

"We see much less flu than we had before."

The Kent County Health Department's latest influenza report says: "Influenza indicators for the week that ended on March 24, show evidence that local activity continues to decline and is lower than what would normally be during this season is seen. "

Is the flu season over?

"The flu season is not over yet," McGee said. "It's just that it's less than a few weeks ago."

CDC spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund agreed.

"Based on what we have seen from previous seasons, the second wave of activity that is usually associated with influenza B is not very long or not very intense," said Nordlund.

What's Worse, Influenza A or B

"It's actually a misconception that Influenza B is not that bad or can not be as bad as Influenza A," said Nordlund. "Based on some studies conducted by the CDC, both influenza viruses can cause serious illnesses, especially influenza B for small children."

After talking to the experts, we can confirm: flu season is not over yet.

"We probably still have a few weeks of flu season ahead of us," Nordlund said.

Nordlund said it was not too late to get a flu vaccine, and he reminded people to cover their coughs, wash their hands, and stay home when they were ill.


Daniel McGee ̵

1; Pediatric Hospital Doctor

Kristen Nordlund – CDC Spokesperson

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