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Check out Tesla's Sentry Fashion HAL 9000 & # 39; Space Odyssey & # 39; Easter egg on

A photo of a Model 3 owner gave a first glimpse of Tesla's recently released Sentry mode. Tesla's latest security feature, as it turns out, contains a very fitting and cool Easter egg when it's activated – the prevailing red eye of HAL 9000 from the classic science fiction movie 2001: A Space Odyssey .

The activated image of the Sentry mode was released by u / Spamium in the r / TeslaMotors subreddit, which was fortunate enough to receive the security update today. As stated in Tesla's blog post about the feature, the Sentry mode in the middle display of the model 3 contains a clear warning with the words "Record", "Sentry Enabled" and "Protected by Tesla" on the screen.

Below is a picture of the Sentry mode screen.

Tesla's Sentry Mode contains a cool reference to & # 39; 2001: A Space Odyssey & # 39; 2001; – the red & # 39; eye & # 39; from HAL 9000, one of the most famous sci-fi companies to date notable baddies. (Photo: Spamium / Reddit)

Using the HAL 9000 Easter Egg as the headliner for displaying Sentry mode is useful for the security function, considering the reputation of the character in science fiction cinema. In 2001: A Space Odyssey HAL 9000 is an AI that manages the systems of the Discovery One probe. As the film progresses, HAL 9000 becomes more dangerous, resulting in the deaths of many members of the ship's crew. The AI ​​was featured in the sci-fi classic as a camera lens that contains a yellow or red dot, giving the impression of a computer with an all-seeing "eye".

Taking into account the functions of the Sentry mode, the red "eye" of HAL 9000 "is an accurate representation of the safety function. When Sentry mode is activated, Tesla's electric cars start recording video from their cameras so they can (hopefully) pick up possible thieves. Based on Tesla's blog entry on the recently released feature, the Tesla community members' Model 3 appears to have been in the Alert state when the photo was taken.

After activation, the Sentry mode switches to the "Standby" state and monitors the surroundings of the vehicle by means of video transmission from the external cameras of the electric cars. When a minimum threat is detected, the Sentry mode goes into alarm state. In this case, a visible warning is displayed on the vehicle's display stating that cameras are recording. In the event of an actual intrusion, the Sentry mode will change to the "Alarm" status, which will activate the vehicle's alarms, increase the brightness of the center display to create glare, and play loud music at maximum volume attention the electric car as possible.

As soon as the Sentry mode goes into alarm, the owners in their mobile Tesla app receive a warning informing them of the incident. Owners can then download a video recording from their camera's camera suite 10 minutes prior to detecting the threat. It should be noted that the Sentry mode, like the integrated Dashcam function, requires a USB drive connected to the vehicle for video recording.

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