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Check out the counties on California’s Coronavirus Watchlist

With the California Department of Health continuing to correct the state’s coronavirus data following the data error that made COVID-19 reporting difficult in early August, most of the state’s 58 counties have increased transmission of the virus.

The per capita case data has not returned to the state watchlist, often referred to as the “watchlist”. However, data available elsewhere on the state’s website as of Thursday showed that 46 counties are above the required population of 100,000.

In order to bypass the list, counties must meet a number of criteria: a case rate of less than 1

00 cases per 100,000 population in the last 14 days, a positive test rate of less than 8% in the last seven days, a less than 10% increase of COVID hospital stays in the last three days and availability of more than 20% intensive care beds.

Counties do not have to meet these criteria for three consecutive days to be placed on the watchlist, which has been frozen in 38 counties since early August when the data error became known.

As of Thursday, 46 districts failed the cases per 100,000 threshold, 19 failed the test positive threshold, and 10 failed the ICU availability threshold.

This watchlist will determine what types of businesses can be open and whether places of worship can hold face-to-face services during the closure of the pandemic. A county must be struck off the list for at least two weeks before the K-12 schools can be reopened for personal tuition without waiver.

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