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A bug in Google Chrome is blocking your Windows 10 PC


If users have objected to the browser Google Chrome is the performance issue. The enormous RAM consumption and occasionally the excessive use of CPU. Well, one thing is ̵

1; bad- Chrome normal performance, and another thing is this new bug which allows to use a PC with Windows operating system block 10 using 100% CPU. The problem explodes with fraud of a false technical support.

The problem in question is based on the use of a JavaScript code which generates a loading loop; In this way, the affected user can not close the tab on which this malicious code is running, and can not periodically close the Web browser . The only way is to manually stop the Google Chrome process. To do this, run Task Manager from Windows 10 or completely shut down the PC to prevent it from continuing to loop in JavaScript.

Use this bug from Google Chrome to block Windows 10 computers that loop in JavaScript

When we access a URL that exploits this [Chrome error as the user we find a dialog box telling us that our computer was affected by a virus . That's not true, but in the message they assure us this and also make it clear that our passwords may affect our browsing history, credit card information and other private information. Obviously a wrong warning for the user. And even though we are trying to close the dialog box and choose not to display it again, we'll go directly into a loop by re-accessing the URL.

The problem is that this malicious code in JavaScript causes 100% CPU usage . so that we can do absolutely nothing. The only option, as previously mentioned, is to manually close the web browser from Task Manager or turn off the computer completely. But even with these two measures, we must be careful not restore the Chrome tabs when you reopen the web browser.

Written by Carlos González

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