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Overwatch unveils the incredible Halloween skin for wrecking ball

Overwatch unveils the incredible Halloween skin for Wrecking Ball

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In the past week, Blizzard has unveiled some of the legendary new skins to [19659004] Overwatch as part of the Halloween Terror event starting on Tuesday, October 9th. Today is another new revelation of Halloween Skin, and this is for the game's newest playable hero, Hammond, also known as Wrecking Ball.

The new Skin of Wrecking Ball in Overwatch transforms Hammond into a devilish creature with a Jack O & Lantern in lieu of a standard Mech suit. The skin itself is, of course, called Jack-O-Lantern Skin, and anyone who wants to use them must spend the necessary coins or be lucky enough to open the event-specific loot boxes.

new wrecking bells are only available for a limited time at Overwatch . It will be in game on Tuesday, October 9, and will be available until the Halloween Terror Event ends on October 31

st. The same goes for all the other Halloween. The special masks will be available in the game on October 9, so players should make sure they play as much as they can to collect all new skins.

Wrecking Ball New Skin

This Jack-O & # 39; Lantern wrecking ball mask is one of the most impressive skins, previously known for the Halloween Terror Event. The Skin of Swamp Monster Doomfist has received praise from fans as well as the skin Banshee Moira which gives this character support a decidedly vicious aspect

While the hides shown so far were impressive, it is possible that even the Halloween Terror 2018 masks for have not yet been revealed. ] Overwatch . There are still a few days left until the event comes to light. In the meantime, fanatics should be able to wait for at least one more Blizzard revelation.

In addition to the masks, the new Halloween Terror event is also a new game mode, or add at least one additional card for Junkenstein's revenge. Blizzard has gone to so much trouble, but has been reluctant to share more details on the subject. So it seems that fans have to wait until Tuesday, October 9th to see what the Overwatch team has prepared.

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