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The Network of Sexual Exploitation of Adolescents Reaches River Plate | Sports

The prosecutor María Soledad Garibaldi tells how pedophiles abused a young player: "They gave them 200 pesos (8000 dollars), underwear, a load of SUBE card (transport) and they agreed are poor children, far from home, without their parents, very vulnerable. "They are conducting investigations that will put five pedophiles in jail and shock Argentina for this network of abuse of minors since the age of 14.

In the subordinates of Transandan football they were always sought by the poorest by perpetrators. There are seven minors who reported abuses in Club Atlético Independiente . Now the lawsuit of abuse among the subordinates of Club Atlético River Plate who presented a doctor employed there between 2004 and 201


Garibaldi explains that "pedophiles could not have access to the boys. Those who have a higher purchasing power or a representative, these children would immediately block WhatsApp or pedophile social networks, but the others, the poorest, would accept them, Offer them some money, pay them a trip inside, see their parents, some new boots, they are boys who can not get it all. They were quoted in a section that they had reserved for it and they were abused. "

Among the detainees are an arbiter Martín Bustos, a famous actor representative, Leonardo Cohen Arazi, a player representative, Alejandro Carlos Dal Cin, and a tournament organizer for children, Juan Manuel Díaz Vallone [19659002] "Almost everyone has a girlfriend, for them it was just money, it was their way of reaching unattainable things like new booties." Now, when they all jumped together, they realize that they are victims. These people know that they are vulnerable They are a long way from their parents, many do not even have money to visit them, the number of boys who were more willing was passed on among the perpetrators ", explains the prosecutor.

The investigation has just begun and she points out to El País: " I've seen a room full of videos, CDs, USB sticks we could not analyze, let's see what we did there and there are many phones that we have to cross. to discover. "[19659008]

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